PLVAParallel List Viterbi Algorithm
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Exterior lighting maintenance and operation services in 2018-2023 in the counties of jgeva, plva, tartu, valga and vru in accordance with the conditions specified in the source documents.
Within the framework of the agreement, Plva Primary Health Center will be established with a two-storey, net worth of 1,246 m, an almost energy-efficient building, which will be connected to an existing hospital through the gallery.
Major organization : AKTSIASELTS PLVA HAIGLA (10050157)
a brief descriptionJgeva, Plva, Tartu, Valga and Vru counties and outdoor lighting maintenance services kiduteenuse the years 2016-2021 in accordance with the conditions set out in the tender documents.
Contract notice for Framework contracts offered to young people in the prevention of social exclusion of youth services for the purchase of additional ida-viru, plva, valga, viljandi, tartu and vru counties.
Contract notice: Provision of Plva 1 cross street for nearly zero-energy building schoolhouse interior.
Contractor address : 10244223 Savi Tn 13 63306 Plva, Plva, Plvamaa
Contract notice for The purpose of this procurement is undergoing major refurbishment and Hiiumaa Valga high schools and upper secondary schools built in Plva equipment delivery and installation of the object specified by the contracting authority's premises, ensuring that they buy a guarantee of all other contracting the work and operations necessary to achieve the objective
The framework contract performance to assess the expert opinions subscribe Plva County.