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PMPOPeak Maximum Power Output (speaker feature)
PMPOPalomar Mountain Planning Organization (California)
PMPOPeak Momentary Performance Output
PMPOPrice Management and Profit Optimization
PMPOPeak Music Power Output
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Pellets of LLDPE and ground flakes of PMPO were mixed and fed through the hopper.
Since the migration of PMPO affects the viscosity of the blends, we determined the viscosity of LLDPE blends with PMPO at only one shear rate per load of the barrel and values of apparent viscosities were taken at the plateau region.
0 Performance Speaker System takes it up a notch or two with six watts of RMS and 12 watts of PMPO for solid audio power to enjoy PC entertainment.
The system includes two speakers with 17 watts of RMS and 34 watts of PMPO audio output and a nine-watt subwoofer for bringing out the bass throughout a room.
Benefits include the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to levels said to be unachievable using current technology, and PMPOs that are only very slightly discoloured due to a much lower processing temperature.
The analyst report, "The reason so many enterprises are seeing solid ROI associated with PMPO software implementations reflects the importance of determining the right price.
As the market gains momentum, a number of leading indicators signal the growing role that PMPO will play in top-level business strategies:
El equipo se anuncia con su capacidad en watts PMPO y tambien en RMS.
It's the best-kept secret of early adopters, many of whom demand that their PMPO solution providers not sell the software to their competitors.
Quiza la manera mas facil de separar, a simple vista y de manera general, a un fabricante serio de uno de bocinas "patito", es que la potencia que anuncian (en watts por canal) esta medida en RMS y no en PMPO.
Para escuchar musica quiza su tarjeta de sonido sea suficiente, por lo que le recomiendo que cambie las bocinas por algunas de mayor calidad (trate de evitar, en lo posible, todas aquellas que anuncien su potencia en watts PMPO y busque las que lo anuncian en RMS).
con estos numeros, ya que sonaran pobres para los acostumbrados a leer los watts en PMPO.