PNWERPacific Northwest Economic Region (trading relationship between: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon Territory)
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s membership in PNWER is also driven by matters of international trade.
Our two jurisdictions have also worked in tandem to advocate with the US and Canadian federal governments through organizations such as PNWER to advance development and acceptance of the Enhanced Driver's Licence.
Dans le cadre de la PNWER, l'Etat de Washington et la Colombie-Britannique ont poursuivi leurs objectifs prioritaires avec succes et obtenu des resultats debouchant sur des actions qui ont depasse les frontieres, cree des partenariats et inspire des programmes nationaux--en particulier pour que les frontieres soient sures, mais ouvertes aux activites commerciales et aux deplacements legitimes.
At a kick-off workshop in Spokane, Washington, in November 2001, PNWER brought together the core partnership members, including the major utilities providers from both sides of the U.
Unlike PACE and PNWER, the Cascadia Project focuses largely on transportation issues (www.
PNWER is a regional multilateral forum that brings together legislative, government and private-sector leaders from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska to advance policies that promote the regions economies.
Only PNWER can be said to share that border through regional planning, including for the resilience of trans-border critical infrastructure systems and networks.
With the ratification of co-operation agreements in the sub-national legislatures, the incorporation of the governors and premiers into the association and the support and participation of many private companies, the PNWER has become a comprehensive political institution designed to promote economic development and trade abroad and within the border-spanning region as well.
Theres tremendous potential for our PNWER partners to work with us.
Olesen is participating in the PNWER tour of Olympia, Washington, from January 26 to 28.
My final thought would be, as I talked with Ambassador Doer, Ambassador Jacobson, and Counsel General Norton yesterday in my office, I associate myself very closely to the remarks made by both ambassadors about the need to have an overarching, collaborative body to help deal with all the desperate issues that are about this region--similar to PNWER in the pacific northwest (50)--and we, the Coast Guard, have taken the initiative and have been appointed as the federal co-chair for the National Ocean Policy for this Great Lakes' region.
These meetings provide a forum within PNWER for the Arctic jurisdictions of Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest Territories to share information, discuss issues of mutual concern, and identify areas for collaboration.