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PO-MOPars Orbital-Molecular Orbital
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In fact, the final entry in this mean-spirited collection is "A Po-mo Quiz" created by editors Bell and Klein.
Not one of the po-mo jabs or metafictional feints for which Auster is renowned, it's a haymaker of a contemporary American novel, realistic and serious as your life.
However, while the best of the rest adopt the conventional corporate uniform of curtain walling, and the worst espouse neo-classicist po-mo, Sirpur House is a bespoke, handcrafted creation.
A gold star for originality also should be awarded to the creators of "Avenue Q," the little musical that opened Off Broadway in the spring and showed surprising strength when it leaped to the big leagues in the summer: A po-mo musical that co-opts the sound and style of a kiddie TV show--puppets included--to present the braising realities of young adult life in the big city, the show is saved from an acute ease of cuteness by the wink-free playing of an ideal cast.
In contrast, Rotorua, where Maori villages, mud pools and geysers, are tourist attractions, higher land values mean that the historic Princes Gate Hotel, a late-Victorian gem, has now been swamped by a po-mo congress centre, tatty motels and spas.
The material toughness and the attendant chilly glamour of much of the work in this show share something with Noland's caustic po-mo rerouting of the legacies of Pop and Minimalism.
She pitches a po-mo vid project to the group which then negotiates into a promo vid as well.
The po-mo toad was still croaking out in the suburbs, but urban sophisticates were drawn to the cool lines of the post-war era, and Shulman's photos pushed up the prices for modern classics.