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PoLARPolitical and Legal Anthropology Review (semiannual publication)
PoLARPolar Plasma Laboratory (ISTP spacecraft)
PoLARPolarization Observations of Large Angular Regions
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Indoors, and out-of-doors, the awful silence of the Polar desert reigns, for the moment, undisturbed.
During the slowly decreasing warmth of the Pliocene period, as soon as the species in common, which inhabited the New and Old Worlds, migrated south of the Polar Circle, they must have been completely cut off from each other.
As on the land, so in the waters of the sea, a slow southern migration of a marine fauna, which during the Pliocene or even a somewhat earlier period, was nearly uniform along the continuous shores of the Polar Circle, will account, on the theory of modification, for many closely allied forms now living in areas completely sundered.
Watson has recently remarked, 'In receding from polar towards equatorial latitudes, the Alpine or mountain floras really become less and less arctic.' Many of the forms living on the mountains of the warmer regions of the earth and in the southern hemisphere are of doubtful value, being ranked by some naturalists as specifically distinct, by others as varieties; but some are certainly identical, and many, though closely related to northern forms, must be ranked as distinct species.
The father of Keesh had been a very brave man, but he had met his death in a time of famine, when he sought to save the lives of his people by taking the life of a great polar bear.
The killing of a polar bear is very dangerous, but thrice dangerous is it, and three times thrice, to kill a mother bear with her cubs.
And this is the story of Keesh, who lived long ago on the rim of the polar sea.
In one example, an emaciated polar bear kept entering a town and ignoring the residents' attempts to scare it away.
A decade ago, there were only eight reports of polar bears in settlements across the entire nation, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.
According to analyst James Taylor, head of the Spark of Freedom Foundation, the current state of the polar ice caps have not receded since NASA started collecting satellite images of them in 1979.
Imagine being able to have a polar bear as a pet just like you have a dog.
'Went to Tynwald Mills today and was quite amused yet disturbed by their placement of their [Christmas] polar bears,' wrote one Twitter user, Ruth Hogg (@MrsManxTiger), on Sunday, Nov.