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Martine suggests that availability of this fertiliser led to BCLS applying for the Poak Concession, a long rectangular strip of land covering some 8,100 hectares southeast of Bau.
BCLS exported its produce under its own name and the planting and fertilizing methods and procedures developed at the Poak Concession by BCLS were "largely responsible for giving Sarawak White Pepper ...
The Rajah granted BCLS the sole right to all gutta rian trees, both wild and planted, to the company in the vicinity of Poak on 8 July 1901.
On 8 July 1901 BCLS was granted the sole right to all "India Rubber trees" both wild and cultivated, "in the vicinity of Poak" and by 1904 had planted 284 hectares, increasing to 607 hectares by the end of 1907 (Martine 1946:40).