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POASPee On A Stick (home pregnancy test)
POASPrincipal Officials Accountability System (Hong Kong)
POASpsychological operations automated system (US DoD)
POASPoop On A Stick
POAsProblem-Oriented Dental Attenders (dental care study)
POASPerformance Outcome Appraisal Scale
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There is a way to keep the prior POA valid by attaching a copy of it to the new POA and checking the box in Part 6, "Retention or Revocation of a Prior POA.
To a question with regard to the POA led by General A(r) Akram Sahi, the Secretary IPC said, "If courts validate him (Sahi) and he manages to get IOC recognition, then the government will recognize him".
POAs allow candidate representatives to be present inside the polling stations as votes are cast and counted.
The new Act recognizes nonstatutory POAs for property if (1) they are executed by the principal, (2) they designate the agent and include a statement of the agent's powers, (3) they are attested by at least one witness to the principal's signature (a new requirement), and (4) the principal has acknowledged his or her signature before a notary public (also new).
Our prior work has focused on carbonaceous aerosols that provided some differentiation between POAs and SOAs by showing associations of biomarkers of inflammation with primaiy [PM.
We collected blood samples from five additional individuals for a total of 61 individuals (14 from Cerro de la Muerte, 9 from Irazu Volcano, 18 from Barva Volcano, 11 from Poas Volcano, and 9 from Monteverde).
Rescue teams desperately searched for victims around the Poas volcano throughout the early hours of Friday morning and there are fears the death toll could rise.
Agrochemicals have been detected in the air and ground in Braulio Carrillo National Park and Poas Volcano," it said.
POAs cease upon the death of the principal, at which time the last will and testament takes over the affairs of the deceased.
Under the new model, S&H NJ proposed that future campaign themes be pliant enough to support upcoming POAs.