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PXLPocket Excel
PXLPage Translator
PXLPocket Excel (Microsoft)
PXLProximity X-Ray Lithography (semiconductors)
PXLPsychological Experiments Library (University of Mannheim; Germany)
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Installed Programs and Utilities: Address Book, Date Book, Calculator, Notes, Tasks, E-mail Inbox, Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, File Explorer, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Reader, Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, Games, Infrared Send/Receive Utility, ActiveSync and Character Recognizer.
9oz Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer Hitachi G1000 Smartphone Hitachi America 5.
These applications include: Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, Microsoft Reader and Windows Media Player.
Entre sus ventajas destaca su velocidad, ya queen la mayoria de las aplicaciones comunes (PorcketWord, Pocket Excel, Explorador de archivos, Pocket Media Player) la respuesta de la Cassiopeia es casi inmediata.
It suffices for a handy (no pun intended) calculator with the added bonus of Pocket Word and Pocket Excel.
This includes Pocket Word and Pocket Excel as well as FutureSoft's DCS/CE emulation product.
Maneja Windows CE, que cuenta con hojas de calculo y procesador, ya que incluye con Pocket Excel y Pocket Word
11 and comes installed with Pocket Word, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Explorer, Pocket Excel, Pocket PowerPoint, Pocket Access and much more.