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Items are priced, but they see that as a starting point for negotiations.
The limit of 12 months' salary gives a clear starting point for negotiations.
However, RFU chief executive Ian Ritchie said the starting point for negotiations over a new and improved pay structure was to ensure that situation never happened again.
495 billion as a starting point for negotiations at the summit.
In his foreign policy speech last May, Obama called for Israel to return to the indefensible pre-1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.
Roche also said that it would respectfully like to challenge ISS's assertion that its current bid "does not provide a compelling starting point for negotiations.
Leaving aside the fact that this is not an administration which called for thislast May, Obama called for the 1967 borders to be a starting point for negotiations that would include land swapsthe term "Auschwitz borders," originated by Abba Eban and brought out of the attic last May by the Zionist Organization of America, are fightin' words, to say the least.
That could at least serve as a starting point for negotiations, but Mr.
This move will also be a re-starting point for negotiations based on the Arab Peace Initiative as well as the upcoming Quartet meeting, and the President Obama's statements on the issue.
launching point for negotiations and stop one-sided steps by both Israelis and
Secretary General Ban Ki Moon now supports it as a starting point for negotiations.
They have meanwhile demanded that the US administration set the 1967 lines as the starting point for negotiations about final borders.