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POOPower of One (United States Power Squadrons)
POOPoint of Order
POOPrice of Oil
POOPoint of Origin
POOProgrammation Orientée Objet (French: Object-Oriented Programming)
POOPursue Other Opportunities
POOPurchase Order Outbound
POOProgram Zero Zero (Apollo program; properly written as P00 using zeros)
POOPriority Operational Objectives
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* Via Aurora/Rizal Avenue or JAS - straight Aurora up to Blumentritt, right Blumentritt towards Rizal Avenue to point of origin.
This marks the first time the distance to an FRB has been measured and its point of origin located.
This technology is reportedly safe and can be applied to masterbatch pellets at the point of origin and be used to verify products as they move throughout the supply chain.
Smoke evacuation is done at the point of origin, without having another person stand by with a wand.
Point of Origin: Gobekli Tepe and the Spiritual Matrix for the World's Cosmologies should be in the collection of any reader of new age ancient mysteries and cultures spirituality, and focuses on the carved images on Gobekli Tepe's stone pillars and how their symbols relate to ancient images from Egyptians, Tibetans, and Chinese.
Once a roof is protected by our system, the lead can be traced back to its point of origin - even after the smelting our system, the lead can be traced back to its point of origin - even after the smelting process.
A new study indicates a simple urine test can indicate the presence of venous thromboembolism, a blood clot that has broken free from its point of origin and which travels through the bloodstream, eventually lodging in a vein.
In addition, the Accu-Cure Ultraviolet Curing Unit draws upon A.N.V.T.'s Ozone Removal System to safely vent .ozone and hot air out of the working area from the point of origin.
Covering the theory and practice of sustainable logistics and supply chain management (SCM), this book takes a holistic view across the supply chain from point of origin through point of consumption.
What is the point of origin of an earthquake called?
aPriori's Product Cost Management software platform can help companies attack cost at the point of origin by equipping design, engineering, sourcing and manufacturing professionals with the knowledge and technology infrastructure to quickly and precisely determine the cost of a part or complete product.
Besides the costs incurred in sending children to other countries or point of origin country (for expats), there is what we call the "culture shock" - especially if children grew up here in Bahrain and are exposing themselves to different values and cultures in other countries for the first time.