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POSDPresbytery of South Dakota (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
POSDPoint of Sale Display
POSDPort Operations, Security, and Defense (US Coast Guard)
POSDPlanar Open-Sleeve Dipole
POSDPreoperational Support Date
POSDPersonal Operating Systems Division (Microsoft)
POSDper oral solid dose (pharmaceuticals)
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Professor Ann McNeill, lead researcher on the project, said: "Our research shows that removing point of sale displays of tobacco has a measurable impact on how young people think about tobacco, and helps underline that they are not 'normal consumer products'.
When the new bottle goes on sale it will be identified through on-package messages and in-store point of sale displays. Web-based communications will also highlight the bottles' environmental benefits.
This includes updated point of sale displays and merchandising modernisation."
The company, which makes point of sale displays, created the video unit for A Century In Stone for Pancrack Pictures.
Library suppliers are also keen to jump on the bandwagon, sending out point of sale displays to their customers, with libraries themselves placing special displays of the shortlisted titles, which the public will vote on in ten weeks' time, reports Publishing News.
Von Bismark is a globally recognised leader in the space of motion capture and augmented reality for Point of Sale displays in retail.
The OTS 2000 was built in the New Hampshire facility which has now been configured for the production of trade show and point of sale displays. These combine print graphics with holographic imagery recorded on silver halide, shown in the illustration of a commission for Pantene hair products.
This ensures our products leave the bakery with consistent appearance and that they look good on our customers' point of sale displays."
Farmers, processors and supermarkets have continually supported the campaign with posters in fields, on tankers, point of sale displays and White Stuff branded packaging.
Examples of marketing and communication materials include brochures, magazines, annual reports, advertisements, direct mail pieces, videos, radio commercials, television commercials, websites, logos, press kits, Point of Sale displays, banners, e-mail templates or any other materials needed.
Havelock Europa has diversified into point of sale displays and educational furniture supplies from its traditional shop-fitting business over the past decade.
Now would be an ideal time for the UK to commence showing dual currencies on all transactions and point of sale displays.