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PTPTPoint to Point
PTPTPity the Poor Taxpayer (Australia)
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The first fixture of the season is now scheduled to be the West Percy point to point, also at Ratcheugh, on January 23.
FAMILY TIES Point to point rider Jamie Corbett will hope to benefit from a new training facility
If you're not actually working in racing and you want to ride in point to points, there is nowhere to go.
The company consistently provides versatile, reliable, cost effective Carrier Ethernet solutions," said David Vernon, Network Operations Manager at Point to Point Broadband.
World Wide Packets is pleased to provide Point to Point Broadband with the capabilities it needs to improve services to its customer base," said Dave Curry, president and CEO of World Wide Packets.
The Hitachi Kokusai 24GHz unlicensed band Broadband Wireless Point to Point (P-P) system enables in-service wireless Ethernet with innovative adaptive modulation from QPSK, 16QAM to 64QAM, up to 150 Mbps air data rates TDD Point to Point.
The 24GHz unlicensed band Broadband Wireless Point to Point unit has already been FCC approved, and is installed in a number of customer networks in Japan at 25GHz, which is allocated as an unlicensed frequency band in Japan.
It was critical for Platinum to quickly and efficiently gain critical connectivity throughout their enterprise without the inherent risks associated with building and maintaining multiple point to point interfaces.
is a pacesetter in point to point broadband wireless networking systems, enabling high-capacity connectivity in metropolitan areas.
Joint Marketing relationship brings benefits of simplifying end-customer broadband traffic management and aggregation to high-speed point to point and point to multi-point Wireless access networks.
These state-of-the-art SONET ring protected services will handle even the most sophisticated customers, offering point to point transport services with speeds up to 155 Mbps and automatic restoration capability in less than 100 milliseconds.
These high bandwidth services provide customers with the high quality point to point circuits and real-time restoration necessitated by mission critical applications.