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Vicor has announced the launch of its new AC to Point-of-Load Development Kit (ACPoL DKit), enabling power system designers to immediately begin operating and evaluating a complete power system solution featuring thin, high-density power components without the time penalties associated with designing and acquiring prototyping boards, system interconnects, energy storage, and thermal management components.
The new Ericsson 3E series BMR464-50A is a third-generation digital point-of-load (POL) regulator that features Dynamic Loop Compensation (DLC) and also extends output current up by 25% to 50A from the 40A offered by the BMR464-40A, yet it comes in a fully compatible footprint.
The recently released high-density power solutions for point-of-load designs are intended to offer greater power concentration and increased performance for customers who are designing for portable electronics, communications and industrial applications.
Many new point-of-load applications are beginning to use 1.
Bel Power (Westborough, MA) has announced the SLIN Series of non-isolated, point-of-load (POL) DC/DC converters.
The company has expanded its range of point-of-load dc-dc converters with the iAD series of 16-amp non-isolated, single inline package, through-hole mounted devices.
The DMS3017SSD and DMS3019SSD integrate an optimized control MOSFET with a proprietary DIOFET into a single SO8 package to provide a high efficiency solution for point-of-load converters in consumer and industrial applications.
The new Ericsson 3E series BMR463-25A is a third-generation digital point-of-load (POL) regulator that features Dynamic Loop Compensation (DLC) and delivers a 25percent increase in output current over the second-generation BMR463-20A, yet comes in a fully compatible footprint.
Texas Instruments' CSD86350Q5D Power Block consists of two asymmetric NexFET power MOSFETs with advanced packaging technology that delivers high performance in low voltage synchronous buck half bridge applications including servers, desktop and notebook PCs, base stations, switches, routers and high-current point-of-load converters.
Aimed at synchronous rectification, point-of-load converters, and OR-ing applications in telecom and data communications systems, the new Vishay Siliconix PolarPAK devices announced today deliver up to 48 % better on-resistance and 12 % better on-resistance-times-gate-charge performance than the next-best devices on the market with double-sided cooling.
The LTM4620 is designed to convert 5V to 12V inputs to high power, low voltage point-of-load system rails such as 2.
A fully isolated DC converter at the point of load gives designers a bit better transient response than a non-isolated point-of-load converter.