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POISPost Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (condition)
POISPhilippine Ocular Inflammation Society (Quezon City, Philippines)
POISPost Office Insurance Society (UK)
POISPulmonary Over-Inflation Syndrome
POISPolish Osteogenesis Imperfecta Society
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In the second step, the attributes of the involved POI have to be conflated.
Inter-Office Channels: An inter-office channel connects two or more AT&T POIs.
Huang and Gartner (2012) noted that Google Maps focuses more on the time required to browse a large amount of user-generated content by the POI in the client side rather than visualizing approaches of multidimensional information contained in POIs.
Coordinate Input Employ longitude and latitude coordinates as a destination as an alternative to traditional input like an address or POI by name.
Your POI groups can include: personal trips; customized wedding lists -- including how to get to the chapel (on time
Malaysia coverage with more than 32,000 POIs and 73,000 kilometers of roadways, including 10,000 new kilometers backed by Tele Atlas' proprietary mobile mapping van technology;
Users will find it easier to find their way since the software enables them to input destinations 10 different ways -- by keying in the street base name (no need for prefix or suffix), by POI brand name/category/phone number or from their personal address book, for instance.
CHICAGO -- CHICAGO, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Navigation Technologies, a leading provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation, Internet/wireless applications and business solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its map-linked POI offering for North America.
This enables users to access an extensive and intuitive interface to POIs and other geo-referenced content.
Contract award: "The purchase of equipment for the needs of different Laboratory and laboratories in the project:" INNO-ECO-TECH "Innovative educational center - research alternative energy sources, energy-efficient construction and environmental protection Bialystok Technical University" POIS.
Contract notice: the purchase of software for the various workshops and laboratories within the project inno - eko - tech innovative educational center - research alternative energy sources, energy-efficient construction and environmental protection bialystok technical university pois.
The ability to find POIs around a particular destination is a great advantage when someone does not know the specific street or city of POI.