POKEBALLPokémon Ball
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Using a Link Beamer device, you must scan and beam away the stolen Pokeballs.
For starters, your Link Beamer's signal strength has to reach a certain level before you can link four Pokeballs in a row.
Another 28 runners-up will get a Pokeball Blaster Three-Pack, an Electronic Pokemon and a Battle Figure Two-Pack.
The cute Yellow character - called Pika for short - is your starting Pokemon and like in the TV series he doesn't want to stay in his Pokeball, so he follows one step behind you.
A blue Pokeball icon will then appear to indicate that the game has started.
As in the animated series, he refuses to stay in his Pokeball and insists on following you around.
Along with the marbles, Toy Biz will introduce a line of accessories including Pokeball Collector Marble Shooter, Pokemon Collector Marble Cases and the deluxe Pokeball Carry Case.
3One way to capture wild Pokemon is by using the Pokeball.
The song aimed at under-10s boasted the lyrics: We're heading straight for the city,Let's snatch a badge & get down to the nitty-gritty, I'm fully armed got my Pokeballs ready to go, In full affect I got PikaPika-Pikachu
There are Pokemon parties and a never-ending range of spin-off gear from keyrings to furry toys, Pokeballs and Pikachu cameras.
THE appeal of the charttopping Pokemon battle figures lies in the cute little characters, Pikachu, Meowth and Poliwhirl - who are trapped in Pokeballs with two battle disks.
Another way to catch a shiny Pokemon in grass is to gather a PokeRadar, Max Repel and PokeBalls.