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PLBPlattsburgh, NY, USA (Airport Code)
PLBPremier League Board (Ghana)
PLBPlanning and Lands Bureau (Hong Kong)
PLBPrivate Label Branch
PLBPipe Lay Barge
PLBPlanning and Landing Bureau (Hong Kong)
PLBPulse Length Limiting & Blanking
PLBProgrammable Logic Block (basic blocks of a field programmable gate array)
PLBPayload Bay
PLBPersonal Locator Beacon (see SARBE)
PLBPassenger Loading Bridge (airport)
PLBProductivity Linked Bonus
PLBPower Line Broadband (FCC)
PLBPhospholamban (cardiac calcium regulation)
PLBParti Louvri Baryé (French: Open the Gate Party, Haiti)
PLBPursed Lip Breathing
PLBPurchase and Leaseback (transaction)
PLBProcessor Local Bus (high-performance, on-chip bus)
PlbPolabian (linguistics)
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In Part Two: 'Wagria and the Polabian Slavs in the Central Middle Ages', Wieckowska-Luth uses deposited lake and peat bog sediment core samples to reconstruct the settlement history of the Ostholstein lakeland area in the Middle Ages, showing how palaeoenvironmental indicators--for example fluctuating lake levels, identifiable wet or dry phases and pollen analysis--can reveal how climatic conditions varied over time.
1999; Silic and Pranjkovic 2005; Katunar, Willer-Gold and Gnjatovic 2013; Belaj and Tanackovic Faletar 2014), Serbian (Friedman 2000b; Friedman 2003a; Heine and Kuteva 2006: 125), Molise Croatian (Heine and Kuteva 2006: 125; Breu 2011), Kashubian (Heine and Kuteva 2006: 125), Burgenland Croatian (Reindl 2008), Macedonian (Comrie and Corbett 1993: 261; Siewierska and Uhlirova 1998; Friedman 2003a; Friedman 2003b; Weiss 2004; Heine and Kuteva 2006: 129-131), Bulgarian (Friedman 1976; Comrie and Corbett 1993: 209; Siewierska and Uhlirova 1998; Friedman 2000a; Friedman 2003a; Heine and Kuteva 2006: 129; Geist 2011) and the extinct Polabian language (Reindl 2008: 133).
Part two looks at Wagria and the Polabian Slavs in the central middle ages: reconstructing settlement history by pollen records; network analysis; evidence of metalworking.