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PoleSTARPole Structure Analysis and Rendering (Pondera Engineers)
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The vehicle is painted in Volvo's Polestar bright blue colour and will compete with the Audi S5 in India.
Polestar would also proceed its motorsport activity in the 2016 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship alongside Cyan Racing, the new racing team formed by Christian Dahl.
Polestar, if you like, are Volvo's AMG and the V60 Polestar is their first production car.
The Polestar is four-wheel drive but even this bit has been tweaked so that 100% of the torque can be delivered to either the front or rear axle.
Think between an Audi S4 and a BMW M3 and there is the niche where the Polestar sits.
All in all there are some 240 extra pieces of kit engineered in by the Polestar team which transform the V60 into one of the most dynamically capable estates on the market.
8220;The Code applauds the foresight of Myanmar Polestar to take the initiative to learn about the issue of child sex tourism, how their staff can assess and respond to possible cases and what to inform travellers about the issue.
If we get the right signals the UAE will be third market to receive commercial production of the S60 Polestar, currently finalised for Japan and Australia," said Karaer.
Polestar could sort this out by replacing the open differential in front with a limited slip, or even changing the front suspension geometry, but either of these steps would ruin the nearly telepathic steering.
Their cars will feature the same intense blue colour that Volvo and Polestar used in the World Touring Car Championship in 2011.
FRP Advisory was appointed administrator of own-label desserts and Heinz branded products supplier PoleStar and Okehampton Desserts earlier this month.
Leamington Desserts is a subsidiary of Polestar Foods Limited.