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POCOPort Coquitlam (British Columbia, Canada)
POCOPower Company
POCOPanel of Conference Organizers (IEEE)
POCOPolitical Committee (EU)
POCOPlain Old CLR Object
POCOPost Operational Cleanout (nuclear)
POCOPOrtable COmpiler Generator
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A petition is being signed by two thirds of the party members to claim a meeting of the political committee which has not convened for four months," he pointed out.
Under the bill, corporations, labor unions and political committees would be required to file a campaign finance report within seven days of making an independent expenditure, or within 24 hours if the expenditure is made within 10 days of an election.
BEIRUT: The head of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee met with Hamas' political leader in Lebanon Monday to discuss a united Palestinian political committee and the soon-to-be launched elite security force for the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.
The National Institution of Human Rights (NIHR) Civil and Political Committee will hold the upcoming meeting on June 13, 2013 to continue discussing pending issues.
If the Political Committee of Nabucco rejects the idea, Bulgaria will pay for its gas link with Turkey, but will use it for its own emergency needs.
Under Oregon law, it is illegal to use undue influence, defined to include the loss of employment, to induce a contribution to a political committee.
Bosses at Unite are expected to rubberstamp the decision of the union's political committee tomorrow before Ed Miliband is recommended to the one million members affiliated to the Labour Party.
org, a group planning to run ads attacking candidates who support campaign finance reform measures, can accept unlimited donations, but must still register as a political committee and disclose those contributions accordingly.
Paul O'Shea, the union's Wales Secretary, said: "It was the clear decision of our political committee that our endorsement should go to Carwyn.
Paul O'Shea, the union's Wales secretary, said: "It was the clear decision of our political committee that our endorsement should go to Carwyn - he has always been a strong supporter of Welsh public services and hopefully he will be able to carry that forward as the leader of Welsh Labour and First Minister.
On 13 October 2009, a meeting between the Republic of Macedonia and the NATO Senior Political Committee (enhanced) took place at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.
According to him, the party has decided to discuss the matter with the UML leaders in the next high-level political committee meeting.