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PACPolitical Action Committee
PACParent Advisory Council
PACPerforming Arts Center
PACPompe à Chaleur (French: Heat Pump)
PACPatriot Advanced Capability
PACParent Advisory Committee
PACParticle Accelerator Conference
PACPublic Affairs Committee
PACPublic Affairs Council (Washington, DC)
PACPortable Air Conditioner
PACProgram Advisory Committee
PACPublic Access Catalog
PACPolicy Advisory Committee (Eumetsat)
PACPolitique Agricole Commune (French: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
PACPrograma de Aceleração do Crescimento (Portuguese: Growth Acceleration Program; Brazil)
PACPan-Africanist Congress (South Africa)
PACPolitica Agricola Comune (Italian: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
PACPost-Acute Care (health services)
PACPowdered Activated Carbon (water treatment)
PACPan-African Congress
PACPan African Congress
PACProbably Approximately Correct (paradigm of learning in computational learning theory)
PACPartido Acción Ciudadana (Citizen Action Party, Costa Rica)
PACPolítica Agrícola Comum (Portuguese: Common Agricultural Policy / European Commission, aka: CAP)
PACPakistan Aeronautical Complex (Kamra, Pakistan)
PACPrivilege Attribute Certificate
PACPremature Atrial Contraction
PACPlanned Amortization Class
PACPartnership Africa Canada
PACPetites Annonces Classées
PACPoly-Aluminum Chloride (coagulant)
PACPlasma Arc Cutting
PACPre-Authorized Chequing
PACPulmonary Artery Catheterization
PACPackaging Association of Canada
PACPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PACPacific Accreditation Cooperation
PACPorting Authorisation Code (telecommunications)
PACPicture Archiving and Communication (radiology)
PACPrince Alfred College
PACP1-Derived Artificial Chromosome
PACPike Anglers Club (fishing group)
PACPan American Crossing (undersea FO cable link)
PACPrésence et Action Culturelles (Belgium)
PACProvincial Armed Constabulary (India)
PACPlasma Aldosterone Concentration
PACPPTP Access Concentrator
PACPhysical Acoustics Corporation
PACCertified Physician Assistant
PACProblem Animal Control (Massachusetts)
PACPerceptual Audio Coding
PACPublic Archives of Canada
PACPocket Access (Microsoft)
PACProcurement Assistance Center
PACPre-Authorized Contribution
PACPre-Authorized Contribution (retirement savings plan, Canada)
PACPerceptual Audio Coder
PACPower Aware Computing
PACProduction Activity Control
PACProxy Automatic Configuration
PACProcess Analytical Chemistry
PACPre-Authorized Check
PACParents Are Coming (IM/chat)
PACPre-Admission Certification
PACPersonnel Administration Center
PACPacific Athletic Conference
PACPacific Area Command
PACPrimary Angle Closure
PACProfessional Activities Committee
PACPlasma Arc Curing (dental technology)
PACPhotoactive Compound
PACPartenariat Afrique Canada (French: Partnership Africa Canada)
PACPCI AGP Controller (Intel)
PACProvider Advisory Committee
PACPolycyclic Aromatic Compound
PACPeople Against Cancer
PACPampanga Agricultural College (Philippines)
PACPublic Access Center
PACPerfect Authentic Cadence (music)
PACPhage Artificial Chromosome
PACPrivate Access Code
PACProvisional Acceptance Certificate (construction contracts)
PACPlan d'Accompagnement des Chômeurs (French: Plan to Assist the Unemployed; Belgium)
PACPatients' Association of Canada (est. 2007)
PACProhibited Alcohol Concentration
PACPrimex Aerospace Company
PACPacific Air Command
PACPatent Assistance Center (USPTO)
PACProcurement, Acquisition and Construction (NOAA Appropriation Account)
PACPremature Atrial Complex
PACPanasonic Academic Challenge
PACParent Action Council
PACPad Array Carrier
PACPost Award Conference
PACProgram Acquisition Cost
PACParents of Adult Children
PACProsecutors Advisory Council
PACProcess Algebra Compiler
PACPrice At Closing
PACPatient Advocacy Coalition
PACPilgrim Area Collaborative
PACProgrammable Analog Chips
PACPartnership Annual Conference
PACPolitical Action Commission
PACPre-Authorized Collection (insurance)
PACPredict Application Control
PACPetits Animaux de Compagnie
PACProduction Acceptance Certification
PACPlant Artificial Chromosome
PACPortland Aquatic Club (Oregon)
PACPartial Anterior Circulation (stroke)
PACPuntland AIDS Commission (Somalia)
PACProprietary Article Certificate (India)
PACPhysician's Assistant, Certified
PACPowdered Active Carbon
PACPersonal Access Communication
PACPersonnel and Administrative Center
PACPentagon Athletic Club
PACPlatform Adapter Component (Sun Microsystems; NetDynamics)
PACPlatform Applicable Clients (Visual Networks)
PACPrimary Address Code
PACPower Assurance Check
PACPassword Access Code (Teltronics Vision PBX)
PACPower Aware Communications
PACPilot At Controls
PACPreliminary Acceptance Certificate
PACPediatric AIDS Canada
PACPolar Atmospheric Chemistry
PACProblem Action Center
PACProcess Analysis and Chemometrics
PACParticle Accelerator Control
PACProfessional Advancement Course
PACPlant Air Compressor
PACPackard Automobile Classics, Inc. (The Packard Club)
PACPilots Association of Canada (Union)
PACPatient Airlift Center (USAF)
PACPay At Consumption (similar to Vendor Managed Inventory, VMI)
PACPrecision Attitude Control
PACProductivity Automation Concepts (Netherlands)
PACPre-Assigned Access Code (Washington State Department of Revenue)
PACPseudo-Associative Cache
PACPeach Autism Center
PACProceedings Authorization Committee (Ontario, Canada)
PACPostauthorization Change (USACE)
PACPassive Acoustic Classification
PACPinpoint Address Code
PACPreaction Calibration
PACParticipating Associate Contractor
PACPaiement Automatisé des Cotisations (French: Automated Payment of Dues; Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail)
PACProbe Array Controller
PACPrice Adjustment Code
PACPlanetarium Association of Canada
PACPersonnel Actions Command (US Army)
PACPower Assisted Combatant
PACPast Award Conference
PACPhase Ambiguity Correction
PACPrepared Action Case
PACPatriot Anti Capability
PACPersonal Air Communication Technology (protocol)
PACPlowshare Advisory Committee
PACPotentially Adverse Condition
PACProject Analysis Committee
PACPreliminary Architectural Concept
PACProduction Acquisition Cost
PACPacket Access Connection (AT&T)
PACPrime Athletics Corporation (apparel company; Canton, MA)
PACPan-Asian Coalition (game)
PACParents Advice Centre (UK)
PACProject Approval Committee
PACProgrammable Automation Controller
PACPrime Active Capital (Dublin, Ireland)
PACParents and Community (various locations)
PACPeer Adjustment Center
PACPublic Art Commission (various locations)
PACPublic Advisory Committee
PACPersonal Authorization Code
PACPlug-In Action Component
PACPhysical Activities Center (various schools)
PACPortable Altitude Chamber (safety equipment)
PACPublic Accounts Committee (UK)
PACProfessional Advisory Council
PACProfessional Advisory Committee
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a leading worldwide supplier of packaging materials for the healthcare and consumer industries, has become one of the first healthcare packaging processors to offer Barex polyacrylonitrile (PAN) replacement products in the wake of the announced closure of Ineos' lone Barex plant in Lima, Ohio.
The Graduate Student Poster winner are John Misasi, "Understanding Fracture Toughness Improvements in POSS-Modified Hyperbranched Epoxy Glassy Networks;" Jeremy Moskowitz, "Synthesis of Controlled, High Molecular Weight Polyacrylonitrile via RAFT Polymerization;" Katrina Knauer, "Phase Separation and Water Uptake in (PS-PIB)2-s-PAA Miktoarm Star Polymers;" and Phillip Picket, "Amphiphilic Copolymers Capable of Forming Micelles to Serve as Unimeric-Dispersants or Gelators For Oil Spill Remediation Applications.
Polyacrylonitrile was grafted onto kenaf fibers in aqueous media by ceric ion-p-xylene redox system.
Different authors have reported amine-containing compounds being immobilized onto various substrates including polyacrylonitrile fiber activated carbon [22] MCM- [22 23] cellulose [24] for the removal of heavy metal.
Currently, carbon fibers are derived from several precursors, with polyacrylonitrile (PAN) being the predominant precursor used today [5].
It specializes in production of nitrogen fertilizers, polyacrylonitrile fiber, as well as integrated production of organic synthesis.
Because the BMW i program is about sustainability, the SGL plant is located near a hydroelectric power source, providing readily accessible renewable energy to fuel the complex and energy-intensive process of converting the precursor material, polyacrylonitrile (PAN), into carbon fibers.
It is significantly dialyzable when hemodialysis is performed using a high-flux membrane such as polysulfone, polyacrylonitrile and poly-methlmethacrylate.
Acrylonitrile Global Market to 2020 - Household appliances and electronics sector to drive Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) growth, polymeric applications propel Polyacrylonitrile demand from Asia-Pacific
Adsorption of heavy metals onto activated carbons derived from polyacrylonitrile fiber.
Specific interfacial interactions between the -electronic system of carbon nanotube CNT and the polymer functional groups (CNT based polyacrylonitrile (PAN) composites) , which shown to be effective when stable uniform dispersions of carbon nanotubes were obtained with the aid of surfactants having multiple unsaturated carbon bonds, as a result of the unique set of properties of (CNT) [16].
The affinity of linezolid, teicoplanin and vancomycin was compared for three different kinds of haemofilters: polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (APF-06S, Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical Co.