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The goal of this study is to analyze the impact of yarn count and polyester/cotton (P/C) blend ratios on thermo-physiological comfort of the knitted fabric.
Tenders are invited for Cloth Polyester/Cotton Blended Suiting For Uniform Of Khaki Shade To Is:15853/2009, Except For Soil Release Efficiency Test And Limited Flame Spread Index Test With Construction Particulars As Given Below:- A Nominal Count Of Warp Yarn Plus Minus 5 Percent 18S/2 B Nominal Count Of Weft Yarn Plus Minus 5 Percent 18S/2 C Width Excluding Selvedge 138 Cms.
To save resources, polyester/cotton blends can be pre-treated and dyed in a single combination bath process with bleaching, scouring and dyeing.
75 mm in cotton, polyester and polyester/cotton blend fabrics treated with QCS-PAA respectively.
Select any cotton or polyester/cotton blend fabric or use fabrics that are specifically manufactured for lining window treatments.
2) CABELA'S Youth Insulated Hooded Jacket has a polyester/cotton brushed twill shell and 100% polyester fiberfill insulation.
They have durable double-stiched reinforced pockets, along with lifetime-guaranteed snaps, and are rated for 200-plus commercial washes, and a lifetime costper-wash that is lower than polyester/cotton.
The multi-coated, polyester/cotton archival canvas is then further treated with UV-resistant coating.
The strategic agreement with Colorama will enable PGI Difco to continue to offer customers high-quality flame-resistant (FR) products as well as its woven cotton and polyester/cotton products, and broaden its product portfolio through a dedicated, responsive, cost-competitive dyeing and finishing partner.
Polyester/cotton blends offer better soil release properties, reduced wrinkling, and greater durability in high temperature, industrial laundering.
The Pacific Polo shirt and Carson Chino trousers are made from a tough polyester/cotton mix suitable for domestic and industrial laundering.
The silicone-treated polyester/cotton Gun Soc provides maximum protection against rust, dirt and scratches.