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PEAPalmitoylethanolamide (endogenous fatty acid amide)
PEAProvincial Electricity Authority (Thailand)
PEAPoblación Económicamente Activa (Spanish: Economically Active Population; economics)
PEAPlan d'Epargne en Actions (French stock thrift)
PEAPhillips Exeter Academy (secondary school)
PEAProgrammatic Environmental Assessment (US FEMA)
PEAPulseless Electrical Activity
PEAPopulação Economicamente Ativa (Portuguese: Economically Active Population)
PEAPrivate Employment Agency (various locations)
PEAPotenciales Evocados Auditivos (Spanish: Auditory Evoked Potentials)
PEAProgressive Education Association (est. 1919)
PEAPolitical Education and Action (various organizations)
PEAPrevention of Elder Abuse (various locations)
PEAParliamentary Elections Act (various locations)
PEAPublic Education Agency (various locations)
PEAPreliminary Economic Analysis
PEAProfessional Employees Association (Canada)
PEAPreferred Email Address (various schools)
PEAPreschool Education Aid (New Jersey)
PEAPublic Employment Agency
PEAPortuguese East Africa (now Mozambique)
PEAProgram Environmental Assessment
PEAPrincess Elisabeth Antarctica (research station)
PEAPreliminary Environmental Assessment
PEAPreliminary Endangerment Assessment
PEAPriority Employment Area (Australia)
PEAPublic Education Advocates
PEAPolyether Amine (automotive fuel additive)
PEAPhoenix East Aviation (flight school; Florida)
PEAProjeto Esperança Animal (Brazil, Portuguese)
PEAPlanning Enabling Act (various locations)
PEAPocket Ethernet Adapter
PEAProgram Effectiveness Assessment (California)
PEAPreemptive Attack
PEAPersonalized Email Account (University of Texas at Dallas)
PEAProtected Earnings Amount (child support; Australia)
PEAPersonal Energy Absorber (fall protection)
PEAPsychic Entertainers Association
PEApoly ethyl acrylate
PEAProgramme d'Études en Allemagne (French: Study Program in Germany)
PEAPersonal Email Assistant
PEAPlymouth Education Association (Plymouth, IN)
PEAPrimary Education Advisor
PEAPlanning Emphasis Area
PEAPalestinian Engineers Association
PEAProcurement Executives' Association
PEAPoudre Education Association (Colorado)
PEAPublic Entities of America (brokerage agency; Alpharetta, GA)
PEADepartamento de Energia e Automação Elétricas (Portugese; POLI - USP São Paulo, Brazil)
PEAPotentially Explosive Atmosphere
PEAPerformance Evaluation Audit
PEAPolicy Enforcement Agent
PEAProfessional Engineer and Architect
PEAPalestine Energy Authority
PEAPacific Energy Associates, Inc.
PEAPoint Evidence Analysis (writing guideline mnemonic)
PEAPeace Establishment Authority
PEAPlease Ensure Attendance
PEAProgram Element Administrator
PEAPublic Economic Agency
PEAProgramme Exoertise et Appui
PEAPHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Extend Association (computer language forum)
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Herein, we report the simultaneous reduction and polymerization of MWCNT using ethylenediamine (N[H.sub.2]-C[H.sub.2]-C[H.sub.2]-N[H.sub.2]) and polyether amine (Jeffamine).
Polyether amine (Jeffamine D230) and other chemical reagents nitric acid (68%), concentrated HCl (37%), concentrated sulfuric acid (98%), and tetrahydrofuran (THF, 95%) were analytically pure and purchased from Sigma-Aldrich Co.
The second step consisted of amine attachment at these MWCNT surfaces by acylation with thionyl chloride (SO[Cl.sub.2]) at 65[degrees]C for 24 h, followed by amidation of the resulted MWCNT-COCl with an excess of polyether amine at room temperature for 48 h to complete the functionalization process.
Recently, we have investigated epoxy formulations ([T.sub.g] [DMA] - 0 to 45[degrees]C) for vibration damping applications using a polyether amine curing agent [31].
Three epoxy networks (EP-1, EP-2, and EP-3) with varying crosslink density, made by using polyether amine curing agents of different polyether chain length, were used as matrices in the present work.
Jeffamines (polyether amines) were employed to cure the filled and unfilled epoxy resin.
He adds that a combination of narrower molecular weight distribution of the basic raw materials and the improved miscibility of the polyether amines with the isocyanates leads to an improved hardblock/softblock segmentaton that corresponds to better hardness/stiffness, tear, and abrasion resistance.
In this field polybutene amines were joined with polyether amines [2].
Polyether amines, polyisobutylene amines, and polyisobutylene succinimides as fuel additives reduce the intake valve deposit by 45-60% from the base fuel and lower somewhat the combustion chamber deposit when compared to the base fuel.
Huntsman Corp., Austin, Texas (formerly Texaco Chemical), recommended use of its Jeffamine polyether amines based on polyethylene glycol.
Research by BASF AG has shown that incorporating secondary polyether amines in a polyurea RIM system containing ketimines results in increased flowability of the system compared with polyurea/amide RIM and conventional polyurea systems.
Additives such as ketimines and secondary polyether amines can increase these systems' flowability while giving processors greater control over reactivity and product properties.