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Table 8 High-temperature Polymer Materials Chemical Name Chemical Structure Polyethersulfone (PES) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Polysulfone (PSF) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Polyetherimide (PEI) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Polyphenylenesulfide (PPSd) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Oxidized Polyarylenes/Polyarylene [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Sulfide/Polyarylene Sulfone (PAS, Ceramer, PPSO) Table 9 Properties of High-Temperature Engineering Thermoplastics * Polymers Properties Units General Properties Specific Gravity g/[cm/sup.
We are continuing to look at methods to reduce material cost via increase yields for expensive implantable PEEK and surgical-grade, carbon-fiber polyetherketoneketone (PEKK)/PEEK variants," said MacDonald.
in Mumbai, India, and a polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) variant supplied as a compound by Oxford Performance Materials in New Britain, Conn.
AS4-type carbon fibers and its polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) thermoplastic resin.
based manufacturer of polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) materials, has received U.
Passenger service units, thermoformed polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) on the 767, are being evaluated for possible injection molding, which may use special polyetherimide grades or polyarylsulfones.