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POEPrecio de Oportunidad de la Energía (Spanish: Price Energy Opportunity)
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POEPoint Operating Equipment (railway engineering)
POEProactive Office Encounter
POEPropagation of Error (statistical software)
POEPoint of Equilibrium
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The objective of this research is to experimentally determine the stability and compatibility of candidate lubricants (such as naphthenic and paraffinic mineral oils, uncapped and capped polyalkylene glycols, linear, branched and mixed polyolesters, and alkylbenzene) with C[O.
2], followed by the polyalkylene glycols (PAG), then polyolesters (POE).
Rates of absorption of pure refrigerants and refrigerant blends in a polyolester oil (POE 68) were measured by Goswami et al.
polyolester base fluid and special additive system resists oil
Reduced coking tendency of the synthetic polyolester base
Compatibility of Manufacturing Process Fluids with R-134a and Polyolester Lubricants," Final Report DOE/CE/23810-55.
In the absence of oxygen, carboxylic acids present due to hydrolysis of the polyolester (POE) oils or oxidation of any type oil will not react with copper even in the presence of water (Field and Henderson 1998).
Mechanism for reaction between polyolester lubricant and ferrous metals.
Examples of synthetic fluid lubricants are also diesters, polyolesters.
The synthetic fluids used by Summit combine petroleum and natural based components that consist of diesters and polyolesters.
Syracuse, NY, found that six common processing lubricants (used for fin stamping and hairpin bending) don't show any adverse effects on HFCs 407C and 410A, or on two common (ISO VG 22 types) polyolesters (POEs) used with them.