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PPRPublic Performance Rights
PPRPeste des Petits Ruminants
PPRPointe-A-Pitre (airport code, French Antilles)
PPRPolypropylene Random
PPRPulses Per Revolution
PPRProduct, Process and Resource
PPRPapulopustular Rosacea (dermatology)
PPRPartial Page Rendering (computing)
PPRProject Progress Report
PPRPrairie Pothole Region (Great Plains region)
PPRPrior Permission Required
PPRPrincipal Place of Residence (real estate/investing)
PPRPeak Power Reduction
PPRPatient-Physician Relationship (healthcare)
PPRProduct Process and Resources
PPRPalau Pacific Resort
PPRPatient-Provider Relationship (healthcare)
PPRPeriodic Performance Review
PPRProject Planner Reader (software)
PPRPortland Pattern Repository (computer programming design patterns; Portland, OR)
PPRPedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (teacher certification test)
PPRProcessing Plant Regulations
PPRPer Pupil Revenue
PPRPhotopolarimeter/Radiometer (Galileo spacecraft)
PPRPhotopolarimeter Radiometer
PPRPush-Profile-Request (cellular technology)
PPRPermanent Place of Residence (various locations)
PPRPersonal Property Rental (IRS)
PPRPeriodic Program Review
PPRProgram Progress Report
PPRProgram Performance Review
PPRPaired-Pulse Ratio (neuroscience)
PPRPlan de Prévention des Risques Naturels Prévisibles (French: Plan for Prevention of Predictable Natural Risks)
PPRPolska Partia Robotnicza (Polish Labour Party)
PPRPublic Procurement Rule
PPRPinault-Printemps-la Redoute (French business group)
PPRPolicyholder Protection Rules (insurance)
PPRPartial Product Reduction
PPRPreliminary Plan Review (various locations)
PPRProjection Pursuit Regression (statistical analysis)
PPRPublic Place Recycling (various locations)
PPRPrivate Property Registry (real estate; Costa Rica)
PPRPolitieke Partij Radicalen
PPRPatient Privacy Rights
PPRPollution Prevention Regulation (maritime transportation activities)
PPRProperty & Portfolio Research, Inc.
PPRPoint Per Reception (fantasy football)
PPRPost Punk Revival (music genre)
PPRPhotoparoxysmal Response
PPRPugliese Public Relations (Florida)
PPRPerformance Planning & Review
PPRPrior Permission Request
PPRPre-Planned Response
PPRPrimary Person Responsible
PPRPrincipal Primary Residence (taxes)
PPRProfessional Placement Resources (world-wide health care recruitment company)
PPRPreferred Public Relations (Las Vegas, NV)
PPRPrescribing Psychologists’ Register
PPRProduct Profitability Reporting
PPRProgress Payment Report
PPRPiece Part Repair
PPRPayload Preparation Room
PPRPrime de Participation à la Recherche (French: Premium Participation in Research)
PPRPay per Ranking (Internet marketing)
PPRPolicy Projection (insurance)
PPRPechala Power Rating (Pechala's Reports)
PPRPants Pants Revolution (online comic)
PPRProgram Planning Review
PPRPrimary Pass Rider (Delta Airlines)
PPRPhased Periodic Reinvestigation (security clearance investigation)
PPRPipe Penetrating Radar
PPRPeople's Party for Reform (South Korea)
PPRPlanta de Producción de Radioisótopos
PPRPagan Poet Radio (online)
PPRParticular Packing Requirements
PPRProduction Problem Report
PPRPossible Points Remaining (sports scoring)
PPRProduction Process Review
PPRProject Proposal Review
PPRPMS Performance Rate
PPRProblem Part Report
PPRPapago Population Register
PPRPath-Protection Routing
PPRPhysical Progress Review
PPRPathfinder Planetary Rover
PPRPaper - Decision/Point/Issue (TMINS)
PPRProduction Progress Report
PPRPre-Project Review
PPRPlanned Program Requirement
PPRPoint-By-Point Regression (meteorology)
PPRPrincipal's Project Requirements (Australia)
PPRPost, Proof or Retract
PPRProgram/Project Progress Review
PPRPortable Propagation Recorder
PPRPayload Performance Report
PPRProprietary Procurement Request
PPRPre-Programming Report
PPRPreferred Premium Rate (insurance)
PPRPeriparturient Egg Rise
PPRPermanent Price Reduction (sales)
PPRPersonal Productivity Ratio
PPRProduct and Process Realization
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We specialise in the manufacturing of pipes, fittings & accessories made from polypropylene random co-polymer (PN 20, PN 25).
And we are still getting into appliances, and the PPR (polypropylene random) pipings.
Proceeds from the initial public offering will fund construction of polypropylene random copolymer type and high-density polyethylene manufacturing plant and warehouse, as well as the purchase of equipment.
The company also had its polypropylene random crystalline temperature (PP-RCT) included in the updated global EN ISO 15874 standard.
The two high-purity polypropylene random copolymers added by SABIC are for blow moulded and injection moulded healthcare applications.
Basell's has developed a new generation polypropylene random copolymer, Clyrell RC 1314 resin, which addresses growing customer needs for more demanding performance in transparent blown film applications.
In the polypropylene random copolymers, the ethylene is polymerized at random and the copolymerization modifies the single polypropylene phase, lowering the melting point and yield stress and hence improving the flexibility and tearing resistance [24, 25].
has made its first two commercial-scale runs of polypropylene random copolymers with metallocene catalyst at LaPorte, Texas.
PPR (Polypropylene Random) pipes are used for hot and cold applications while HDPE pipes are used for industrial applications that demand higher pressure rates.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Special Polypropylene random copolymer (PPR) 3 layer pipes and fittings for condenser tubes acid cleaning work in unit-5 during AOH at TM-II TPS Parli-V.
Tenders are invited for supply PLAIN ENDED Triple Layer POLYPROPYLENE RANDOM CO-POLYMER PIPES of assorted sizes ranging from 20 mm to 160 of SDR 11 (PN 10) from registered manufacturers as per DIN-8077/8078 or conforming To IS-15801 (2008) read with upto date amendments as per specifications/details enclosed in annexure A to the document.