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PPYPancreatic Polypeptide
PPyPolymer Polypyrrole
PPYPress Photographer's Year (photographic competition)
PPYPronatura Peninsula de Yucatan, A.C.
PPYPetite Princess Yucie (Japanese anime)
PPYPuchi Puri Yucie (Japanese anime)
PPYPerson per Year
PPYPrestbury and Pittville Youth (UK)
PPYPlanla - Projelendir - Yonet (Turkish: Plan - Project - Manage; company in Beylikdüzü, VD, Turkey)
PPYProfessional Per Year
PPYProfessional Photographer of the Year (award)
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In present work, free standing films of pure PVC and polypyrrole (PPy) incorporated PVC films with different weight percentage concentrations (6, 11, 16, 14, and 20%) of PPy have been prepared at room temperature by a technique called mixing oxidative polymerization [11].
Surfactant was added to develop a negative charge surrounding the nanotubes so that polypyrrole layer could effectively attach through ionic interactions.
The IR spectra of polypyrrole were taken before and after adsorption.
y otros cuatro autores, Highly conducting polyparaphenylene, polypyrrole, and polythiophene chains: An ab initio study of the geometry and electronic-structure modifications upon doping, Phys.
The topics include a comparative study of precipitation hardened and equal channel angular pressed powder metallurgical aluminum alloy samples, evaluating residual stress during fatigue test of a shoot peened steel sample, developing an amorphous and microstructured surface layer by laser surface treatment, simulating grain coarsening using one-dimensional cellular automaton, and optimally balanced active-passive corrosion protection by zinc-rich paint coatings featuring proper hybrid formulations with polypyrrole modified carbon nanotubes.
Writing in a recent issue of the journal Science, biomedical engineer Robert Langer and his colleagues described a polymer composite film made from polypyrrole and polyolborate.
One of the polymers, polypyrrole, forms a hard but flexible matrix that provides structural support.
The use of conducting polymers, such as polyaniline, polypyrrole and polythiophene, have gained a growing interest in the development of chemical sensors arrays for gas analysis in electronic engineering applications, he pointed out.
Previous efforts to make water-responsive films have used only polypyrrole, which shows a much weaker response on its own.
When coated with a conducting polymer such as polypyrrole (which has been used in vivo for many years), CNFs for example can dramatically improve electrical communication between brain tissue and electrodes.
The researchers say that by combining lignin with a conductive polymer called polypyrrole, they have produced a battery cathode that is capable of storing energy.