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PSULPassenger Train Services Over Unusual Lines (UK)
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Three different polysulphone dialysers, F8 HPS (N = 14), F10 (N = 3), and FX80 (N = 13) (Fresenius Medical Care, Germany), with effective membrane areas of 1.
The polysulphone, polyurea and polyamide systems all suffered from hydrolysis.
Comparison of polyacrylonitrile (AN69) and polysulphone membrane during hemofiltration in canine endotoxic shock.
Production of monokines in patients under polysulphone haemodiafiltration is influenced by the ultrafiltration flow rate.
The images of clean polysulphone ultrafiltration membranes with a molecular weight cutoff of 10,000 daltons reveal average pore sizes of 12.
Commercial membranes and IEC modified polysulphone membranes have been investigated from the point of view of durability and resistance to fouling.
In this study it was found that the cellulose triacetate and polysulphone HF membranes removed similarly classical markers and protein-bound liphophilic solutes as a LF polysulphone membrane.
A Teflon seat and Polysulphone body prevent scale, which inhibits leaks and ensures long working life.
In the high-performance-plastics market, several manufacturers account for the majority of the market share, in particular for PPS, PEEK, LCP, and polysulphone.
The highly asymmetric pore structure of its polysulphone membrane offers increased dirt holding capacity and flow rates without the increased pressure drops typically associated with higher flow rates.