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PVFPolyvinyl Formal (industrial polymer)
PVFPolyvinylidene Fluoride
PVFPipe, Valves and Fittings
PVFPoly-Vinyl Fluoride
PVFProgram Vulnerability Factor
PVFPresent Value Factor
PVFPost Viral Fatigue
PVFPeso Vivo Final (Portugese)
PVFProgram Venture Fund (KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio)
PVFPrepaid Variable Forward (equity trading strategy)
PVFPeace Villages Foundation (Santa Elena de Uiaren, Venezuela)
PVFPearle Vision Foundation
PVFPolitieke Vleugel van de Federatie van Agrariërs en Landarbeiders (Party of the Federation of Land Workers, Suriname)
PVFPeraliya Village Founders (Sri Lanka)
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Enzyme membrane was prepared from 2ml of 4% (w/v) polyvinyl formal resin (formvar) using chloroform and ethylene dichloride (1:1 ratio, v/v).
Hence, we have selected a polyvinyl formal resin for the immobilization of COE and COD in the presence of organic solvent.
The addition of a double bond or cyclic group to polyethylene increases the Tg from -120[degrees]C to -100[degrees]C and 105[degrees]C for polybutadiene and polyvinyl formal respectively (table 1).