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PONIPolice Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
PONIProject on Nuclear Issues
PONIPrice of Noninvestment
PONIParallel Optical Network Interconnect (consortium)
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And then there was withered old poni Aniele--who was a widow, and had three children, and the rheumatism besides, and did washing for the tradespeople on Halsted Street at prices it would break your heart to hear named.
El que hubiera 3 caballos obesos en el presente estudio, asi como reportes de individuos obesos y muy obesos en caballos raza chilena mantenidos en criaderos (Gonzalez 2013; Soto 2013), tal vez obedece, por un lado, a una predisposicion genetica de la raza, al ser un poni (McCue et al.
Other models used registered nurses (PONI) and child psychiatric nurse practitioners (TCPS).
Poni, 1982: 320; Angeli, 1990: 91; Doveri, 1993: 435-436; Baragli, 2006: 123).
PONI is a 44-kDa glycoprotein that hydrolyzes organophosphates found in pesticides, neurotoxins, and arylesters [22,23].
"Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, 41-A Grigore Ghica Voda Alley, Iasi 700487, Romania
Several studies have shown that this PONI variant could play an important role in Parkinson's disease [12], bipolar I disorder [13], ovarian cancer [14], breast cancer [15], and prostate cancer [16].
The amount of solar radiation absorbed by the canopy determines crop productivity and grape quality (BRIGHENTI et al., 2015) and exerts an effect on the physiological response and development of grapevines (PONI, 2005).
This in turn reduces the number of berries per cluster, cluster compactness and predisposition of clusters to bunch rots (Poni et al.
Could it be explained by their geographical position, by their territoriality, finding themselves isolated mainly in mountain areas, positioning which we find out about from the few statistical data concerning Romanian villages contained by "Conscriptia virmontiana from Oltenia"(1722), from the works of John Donat (1831), Nicholas Sturdzu (1840) or Petru Poni (1912)?