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PONTParallel Optimization of New Technologies (postgenomic technology project)
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Pontiac Mayor Deidre Waterman along with representatives from the MSFC organization will provide details regarding their shared vision in continuing the efforts to revive the City of Pontiac in providing community-based family entertainment in Oakland County.
Despite the end of the brand, Tulley said Pontiac owners can rest easy.
According to the investigation report, the truck was traveling west on Rye Canyon approaching Crocker when the Pontiac, traveling east, attempted to turned left onto Crocker and into the path of the truck as the light turned yellow.
Going with that traditional analogy, auto analysts would probably place Pontiac as the son-in-law.
Local 584 refused to allow its members to be transferred to plants outside Pontiac, and instead proposed a recall of idled employees to the Pontiac East facility.
General Motors took a calculated risk that it could retain Pontiac drivers under its umbrella, and the gamble appears to have paid off - with even more success than they enjoyed in previous years when Pontiac was still an option for returning customers.
The Pontiac G6 represents a lot of what Pontiac enthusiasts love about the vehicles - high style, impressive performance and outstanding fuel efficiency.
It will have to create a messaging strategy that clearly and consistently supports the brand, its aspirations, and allow the consumer to understand Pontiac in a manner not currently possible.
10) Brandon Miller, Pontiac Grand Prix, 4, accident, $1,300
com), users can view and add to extensive galleries of Pontiac videos and photos of cars.
The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC), the governing body for all black chamber of commerce organizations within the state of Michigan, announces the launch of the Pontiac Black Chamber of Commerce (PBCC).
Best known as a father of the Pontiac Trans-Am and the division's Super Duty V8, Herb Adams has a fondness far racing.