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PBIPolybenzimidazole (fire resistant fabric)
PBIPalm Beach International Airport
PBIProducto Bruto Interno
PBIPolar Bears International (Occidental, California)
PBIProduct Backlog Item
PBIPeace Brigades International
PBIPennsylvania Bar Institute
PBIProfiler Batch Input
PBIProgrammable Binary Image
PBIPowerbasic Include File
PBIPeripheral Bus Interface
PBIProfiler Binary Input
PBIPhone Based Interface
PBIPerformance Based Incentive
PBIPro Bono Institute (et. 1966; Washington, DC)
PBIPalm Beach Institute (West Palm Beach, FL)
PBIPrairie Bible Institute (Alberta, Canada)
PBIPolska Biblioteka Internetowa (Polish: Polish Internet Library)
PBIParallel Bus Interface
PBIPrimary Blast Injury
PBIPlant Breeding Institute
PBIPoor Bloody Infantry (British)
PBIPacific Bell Internet
PBIProtein Bound Iodine
PBIPerformance Based Infrastructure (California)
PBIPrivate Banking International
PBIPC-BSD Installer
PBIPacific Basin Institute
PBIProfiler Binary Input (file extension; Microsoft)
PBIPepsiCo Beverages International
PBIPension Benefit Information (San Rafael, CA)
PBIPontifical Biblical Institute
PBIPharma & Bio Ingredients (trade magazine)
PBIPitney Bowes International
PBIPerformance Based Interviewing (human resources job candidate screening method)
PBIPrime Bank Instrument (investment fraud)
PBIPublic Browser Interface
PBIWest Palm Beach, FL, USA - Palm Beach International Airport (Airport Code)
PBIPerformance Based Instruction
PBIProfessional Bowling Instruction
PBIProactive Business Intelligence (Panorama)
PBIPartial-Band Interference
PBIPush-Button Indicator
PBIPlease Be Informed
PBIProgramme Budget Implication
PBIPartial-Body Irradiation
PBIPhysics Based Industries
PBIProcessor Bus Interface
PBIPilot Biographical Inventory (Aviation Selection Test Battery)
PBIBeth Israel Hospital Association of Passaic
PBIPlant Biology Institute
PBIPlease Believe It
PBIPost Boost Intercept
PBIProgram Baseline Integration
PBIPolitely Butting in
PBIPlanning, Budgeting, and Initiating
PBIProgram Budget Instructions
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They trolled about in foreign parts while the poor bloody infantry were left to suffer the worst disaster of Mr Blair's reign.
Meanwhile, it is the poor bloody infantry of punters (as always) who do the bleeding while the owners whinge and the bookies rub their hands in delight like arms manufacturers, certain that next week's cards will bring more of the same.
They were disappointed when I took the wind out of their sails by saying that I didn't blame the poor bloody infantry - men in their teens and 20s mainly - who had done the dirty deeds but the besuited barbarians in Whitehall who'd sent them.
The poor bloody infantry shouldn't alone carry the can for Bloody Sunday, when the finger of blame points much higher.
So schools, hospitals and other services will be shored up to get votes, and in the meantime the poor bloody infantry get the chop to pay for it all.
Certainly individual PR practitioners - the poor bloody infantry - should proceed with caution.
The disturbing hammering noise you can hear in the background is the sound of the BHB and the bookmaking industry constructing their forts for a long and fruitless siege during which the principal victims will be the same as in any battle-the poor bloody infantry, in this case the ordinary, voiceless punters.
The poor bloody infantry and their families have earned the right to be heard with respect.