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POPEPub on Passyunk East (Philadelphia, PA)
POPEPromotion of Public Education (Australia)
POPEPetri Apostoli Protestatem Accipiens (Latin: Apostle Peter Testified He Received)
POPEPost Obstructive Pulmonary Edema
POPEPreoperative Portal Vein Embolization
POPEPulsed Oscillatory High-Performance Electrophoresis (biochemistry)
POPEProblem Oriented Participatory Education (health education)
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Pope accepted this hint as his guiding principle and proceeded to seek correctness by giving still further polish to the pentameter couplet of Dryden.
At the age of twenty-one, when he was already on familiar terms with prominent literary men, he published some imitative pastorals, and two years later his 'Essay on Criticism.' This work is thoroughly representative both of Pope and of his period.
Nay, stay, my Faustus: I know you'd see the Pope, And take some part of holy Peter's feast, The which, in state and high solemnity, This day, is held through Rome and Italy, In honour of the Pope's triumphant victory.
Then in this show let me an actor be, That this proud Pope may Faustus' cunning see.
After my day's work at the case I wore the evening away in my boyish literary attempts, forcing my poor invention in that unnatural kind, and rubbing and polishing at my wretched verses till they did sometimes take on an effect, which, if it was not like Pope's, was like none of mine.
I could not imitate Pope without imitating his methods, and his method was to the last degree intelligent.
'Ah!' said the fisherman, 'my wife wants to be pope.' 'Go home,' said the fish; 'she is pope already.'
John of Gaunt made up his mind to resist this claim, and John Wyclif, who had already begun to preach against the power of the Pope, helped him.
Thus spake Zarathustra, and penetrated with his glances the thoughts and arrear-thoughts of the old pope. At last the latter began:
If he could not have made Pope him whom he wished, at least the one whom he did not wish would not have been elected.
The pope and Caesar Borgia first found the two future cardinals; they were Giovanni Rospigliosi, who held four of the highest dignities of the Holy See, and Caesar Spada, one of the noblest and richest of the Roman nobility; both felt the high honor of such a favor from the pope.
They made the lucky Pope of the Fools come forth in triumph.