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PDPProgram Decision Package
PDPPolicy Decision Point
PDPProduct Detail Page (web page)
PDPPlasma Display Panel
PDPPrescription Drug Plan (Medicare)
PDPPortable DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Player
PDPProfessional Development Program
PDPPacket Data Protocol
PDPPersonal Development Plan
PDPPerformance Designed Products (California)
PDPPeople's Democratic Party (political party)
PDPProfessional Development Plan
PDPParallel Distributed Processing
PDPProgressive Democratic Party (various locations)
PDPPerfect Dream Project (anime)
PDPParallel Distributed and Network-Based Processing (International Conference)
PDPPlano Diretor Participativo (Portuguese: Participative Master Plan; Brazil)
PDPProcess Design Package (technology; various companies)
PDPPlan Development Process (various states)
PDPPantalla de Plasma (Spanish: Plasma Display Panel)
PDPProgrammable Data Path
PDPPrimary Dos Partition
PDPPolicy Development Process
PDPPower Distribution Panels
PDPProgrammed Data Processor
PDPPeer Database Protocol
PDPParallel Data Processing
PDPPerformance Development Plan
PDPPopular Democratic Party (political party from Puerto Rico)
PDPProgrammed Data Processor (DEC computer model/line)
PDPPlayer Development Program (various organizations)
PDPPi Delta Psi (fraternity)
PDPProduct Development Process
PDPParti Démocratique Progressiste (French: Democratic Progressive Party)
PDPParty for Democracy and Progress (Burkina Faso)
PDPParty of Democratic Progress (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
PDPPower Distribution Panel
PDPProved Developed Producing (oil/gas reserves)
PDPParc Downsview Park (Canada)
PDPProduct Development Protocol(s)
PDPPlasma Diagnostics Package (US NASA)
PDPProduct Development Partnership
PDPProcedural Due Process
PDPPower Delay Profile
PDPPreliminary Design Plan (various organizations)
PDPPressure Dew Point
PDPPhiladelphia Dance Projects (Philadelphia, PA)
PDPProgrammable Data Processor (Digital Equipment Corporation)
PDPPervasive Developmental Disorder
PDPPrinceton Dante Project (est. 1999; Princeton University; Princeton, NJ)
PDPPlan de Prévention (French: Prevention Plan)
PDPPakistan Democratic Party
PDPProject Design Print (UK)
PDPProgram Development Plan
PDPProduct Delivery Process
PDPPredetermined Point Procedure (aviation)
PDPPhalang Dharma Party (Thailand)
PDPPokemon Diamond and Pearl
PDPParticipatory Development Program
PDPPersonal Data Processing
PDPPower-Delay Product
PDPPanel de Pon (game)
PDPPre-Delivery Deposit Payments
PDPPortable DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Player (various companies)
PDPPublic Discourse Project (public-private group on 9/11 awareness)
PDPProject Definition Phase
PDPPastoralist Development Project (FARM-Africa)
PDPPlanned Development Project
PDPProgramas de Desarrollo y Paz (Sanish, Colombia)
PDPProgrammable Digital Processor
PDPPredetermined Position
PDPProcurement Data Package
PDPPassion Driven Prosperity (Internet publication marketing company and digital book)
PDPPossession of Drug Paraphernalia (criminal offense)
PDPPartner Development Program
PDPPartner Discount Program (various organizations)
PDPPilots Defending the Profession (Allied Pilots Association)
PDPPre Departure Pee (airport restroom)
PDPPretty Darn Precious
PDPPeraturan Dana Pensiun (Indonesian: Pension Fund Regulation)
PDPProfit Distribution Plan (New Zealand)
PDPPiecewise Deterministic Process
PDPPacific Drum and Percussion
PDPProduct Development Proposal
PDPPolar Data Processing
PDPPower Dispersion Profile
PDPProgram Definition Phase
PDPParallel Data Processor
PDPPreemptive Drop Policy
PDPProgrammable Display Pushbutton
PDPPotato Development Program (Nepal)
PDPPalestine Democratic Party
PDPProject Delivery Partner
PDPPeripheral Data Processor
PDPProbabilité de Pluie (French: Probability of Rain)
PDPPermanent Diaconate Program (religion)
PDPProcess Development Proposal
PDPPrimary Distribution Panel (electrical)
PDPPreconceptual Design Phase
PDPPhoto-Direct Plate
PDPPower Definition Phase
PDPProject Defined Processes
PDPPoint Defence Phaser (Star Trek)
PDPProgram Development Paper
PDPPrepared Defensive Position
PDPProcess Deployment Process
PDPPrincipal Development Plan
PDPPhenol Disubstituted Porphyrin
PDPPierre Dammous & Partners (est. 1978)
PDPPostural Drainage and Percussion (respiratory therapy)
PDPParcel Deferral Proposal
PDPpowder driven pin
PDPPerformance Data Provider (California Solar Initiative)
PDPPlan Directeur de Projet (French: Project Plan Director)
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net) Popular Democratic Party , the main political party advocating for territorial autonomy or the commonwealth status; and the (http://www.
Perello said he was concerned that he would be used as an excuse if the Popular Democratic Party lost control of the chamber in the November elections.
In addition to the PNO, the gathering includes the Lebanese Communist Party, Popular Democratic Party, the Democratic Secular Gathering and some independent and leftist candidates.
Garcia's Popular Democratic Party supports the island's current commonwealth status.
Puerto Ricans growing up on the island during the 1970s began to experience the effects of the dramatic transformation of their society after the implementation of various socio-economic, political, and cultural reforms initiated by the Popular Democratic Party between the 1940s and the 1960s.
The popular Democratic Party Myanmar, led by a veteran politician and the daughters of the well-known late politicians, will run in fewer than 50 constituencies.
The Lebanese Communist Party, the People's Movement, the Popular Democratic Party, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine jointly called for the expulsion of the U.
The governing Popular Democratic Party has been more assertive about independence, while the New Progressive Party continues to press for full integration.
Essentially arguing that Congress and the courts must act to set Puerto Rico on the path to either full statehood or national independence, Thornburgh reviews the treatment of US territories since the adoption of the Northwest Ordinance in 1787, the constitutional framework and international law context for territorial issues, relevant Supreme Court decisions, recent Presidential efforts to clarify the status of Puerto Rico, and problems with the "enhanced commonwealth" proposals recently put forth by Puerto Rico's Popular Democratic Party.
The Popular Democratic Party (PDP), meanwhile, favors continued commonwealth status and has long been allied with stateside Democrats.
The major opponents to a final and permanent resolution to the island's colonial status is the Popular Democratic Party, which still believes that the status gives Puerto Rico the "best of both worlds.
Other icons of Puerto Rican life on display include the pava, a straw hat worn by most turn-of-the-century agricultural workers that was adopted as a symbol of the Popular Democratic Party in 1938; and the guiro, a percussion instrument carved from a gourd that has made a valuable contribution to musical styles beyond the island.
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