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PZMPressure Zone Microphone
PZMPolski Zwiazek Motorowy (Poland)
PZMPartnerstvo Za Mir (Slovenian: Partnership for Peace; NATO)
PZMPusat Zakat Melaka (Malaysian regulation)
PZMPorcine Zygote Medium
PZMPunkt zu Mehrpunkt (German: Point to Multipoint)
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Preparation and storage of porcine zygote medium 3 (PZM3): Three liters of complete PZM3 were made using the protocols by Yoshioka et al.(2002) and by Lai et al.(2003).
In general, in the culture of porcine embryos Whitten's medium, Beltsvile embryo culture medium3 (BECM-3), North Carolina State University23 (NCSU-23) and Porcine zygote Medium 3 (PZM3) are used.
(2002) evaluated the in vitro development of porcine zygotes that were cultured in a novel culture medium, porcine zygote medium (PZM), under different conditions and compared to in vivo development.