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The porosity and permeability are expressed as [phi] and K respectively.
The porosity and permeability of oil shale in different positions of horizontal fractures affect its interaction with superheated steam in the pyrolysis process.
Akinlotan, O.: 2016, Porosity and permeability of the English (Lower Cretaceous) sandstones.
It is shown in Figure 1 that the radius at mercury saturation 30% has the best correlation with porosity and permeability.
In heterogeneous caprock, there could be relatively weak shale which has high porosity and permeability. Injected fluids tend to flow through high permeable zone and partially increase formation pressure.
As shown in Figure 2, rock mineral components formed an inversely proportional relationship with both porosity and permeability. As fewer mineral content in the rock, the higher porosity and permeable the reservoir would be.
A typical reservoir for CGS is a geological formation consisting of sandstone or carbonate rock characterized by 'good' effective porosity and permeability. Effective (open) porosity is the porosity that is available for free fluids; it excludes all non-connected porosity, including the space occupied by clay-bound water (Schon 1996).
As stated previously, the fractional property represents the variability of porosity and permeability, which have a remarkable contrast between matrixes and fractures.
Based on the porosity and permeability of core samples, [R.sub.35] for SS-3 was calculated by (7), as shown in Table 2.
Excellent porosity and permeability (average porosity = 17%, K = 500 mD on test) was encountered in a basal Yellow Drum dolomite reservoir (the Yellow Drum reservoir was formerly referred to as part of the Gumhole Formation as tested at Backreef-1 by DST-1) sequence at Backreef-1 some 4 km to the east-northeast.
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If the oil producing unit is uniform with suitable porosity and permeability then the injected water will uniformly flow and push a significant amount of oil towards the producing well.