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The opening of the Marriott Port-au-Prince is an important milestone as the people of Haiti work to revitalize and diversify their economy," said President Bill Clinton.
At the MINUSTAH's headquarters in Port-au-Prince, the heads of the Mission and relatives of victims have laid wreaths on the monument to fallen peacekeepers.
The beneficiaries will be around 3 million Haitians living in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.
JetBlue said that tickets are currently on sale for USD 159 one way from New York to Port-Au-Prince and USD 134 from Fort Lauderdale to Port-Au-Prince through June 15, 2013 at jetblue.
If it s the Port-au-Prince then it s the most significant wreck in Tonga s history.
Many notable landmark buildings were damaged or destroyed, including the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building, the Port-au-Prince Cathedral and the main jail.
Whether they are educational and technical training centers in Port-au-Prince, or health clinics and food co-ops in rural areas, these groups are trying their level best to end hurtful dynamics and practices--dependence on outsiders, government inaction--that have done grievous harm to Haiti.
In addition, beginning last year, protests, demonstrations, and violent disruptions have occurred regularly in Port-au-Prince and in cities throughout the country.
While local doctors and nurses were "welcome and vital", few of the foreign aid agencies made use of them and the extensive health facilities in Port-au-Prince after the disaster, international health charity Merlin said.
Mend the hearts Of Port-au-Prince Look deep into your soul Give aid, persuade, convince Our love we'll measure Give up our guilty pleasures For you, we are there Say the Haiti prayer.
Spirit Airlines, a low cost carrier in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean, yesterday activated its flexible travel policy for flights to Port-au-Prince in Haiti.
Health officials told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that 15 cases have been confirmed in Port-au-Prince, while the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there are 73 cholera cases in the capital.