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Limited utility of MRA for acute bowel ischemia after portal venous phase CT.
All the hypodense lesions were visualized on portal venous phase in our study.
In our study, 7 metastatic lesions were hypervascular (2 cases of metastasis from kidney, 1 case each of metastasis from thyroid, pancreas and breast and 2 cases of unknown primary) and were best visualized on arterial phase images rather than on portovenous phase, as they rapidly became isodense to surrounding normal liver on portal venous phase and delayed scans.
10) After the administration of IV gadolinium-based contrast, the lesions may demonstrate internal linear enhancement during the portal venous phase on T1-weighted sequences which become iso-intense on the delayed images, an enhancement curve similar to that of that described for CT.
Caption: Figure 7: In portal venous phase, peripheral part of the liver lesion became washed out, except in the central hypodense parts.
1) with centripetal extension in portal venous phase (Fig 1.
Submucosal, intramural, and perigastric serpentine vascular structures are well demonstrated on CT (Figure 11), best performed in the portal venous phase.
The minimum requirement for liver imaging is an arterial phase (20-40 sec postcontrast injection) and a portal venous phase (60-80 sec postcontrast injection).
Pancreatic and peripancreatic inflammation can extend to surrounding venous structures leading to thrombosis, which manifests as a filling defect within the affected vessel during the portal venous phase.
On the portal venous phase, 60 sec following the administration of contrast, the lesions became isointense to the liver parenchyma (Figure 2C).
Contrast-enhanced triple-phase scans were performed using arterial phase, pancreatic parenchymal phase, and portal venous phase scans.
Evaluation of vascular anastomoses is important for liver transplant recipients; ideally both an arterial and portal venous phase examination should be performed at CT or MRI.