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High incidence of thrombosis of the portal venous system after laparoscopic splenectomy: a prospective study with contrast-enhanced CT scan," Annals of Surgery, vol.
Critical anastomotic junctions between systemic and portal venous systems are at the esophagus, lower rectum, and the ligament to the umbilicus (Khalili et al.
This article offers a review of the hepatic portal venous system and the main ultrasonographic features of portal venous hypertension, and Budd-Chiari syndrome and their causes.
Portal hypertension also can cause blood in the portal venous system to reverse direction, resulting in hepatofugal (ie, away from the liver) flow.
It reveals regions excited as bright or black blood and can be especially useful for imaging complex vessels flowing in multiple directions, such as renal arteries, portal venous system and pulmonary arteries.
Morphological and hemodynamic changes in the portal venous system after distal splenorenal shout: an ultrasound and pulsed dopier study.
Objective: To assess the validity of colour doppler sonography in the evaluation of portal venous system in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Portal hypertension occurs because of increased pressure in the portal venous system (Whiteman & McCormick, 2005), which consists of the portal veins, sinusoids (small capillaries), and hepatic veins.