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portfolio turnover rate may indicate higher transaction costs and
"One reason that it is not an immediate crisis for these companies is the investment portfolios that are backing the reserves have a low portfolio turnover rate, which in turn slows portfolio rate declines," said Strauss.
Portfolio turnover rate, which is a measure of how frequently assets within a fund are bought and sold by the managers, the range can vary.
It lists corporate, municipal, and government bond and money market funds alphabetically, and evaluates factors like fund type, overall investment rating, performance rating/points, three-year total return, expense ratio, standard deviation, cash percentage, and portfolio turnover rate. Other sections assess 381 of the largest retail fixed income mutual funds, along with charts, graphs, and contact information, in terms of investment rating, major rating factors, services offered, and fund family; the top and bottom 200 bond mutual funds; the 100 best and worst funds by performance and risk; and the top 100 rated funds by risk category and fund type.
Portfolio Turnover Rate. Also known merely as the "turnover rate," or a fund's "turnover ratio," this is a measure of the frequency with which securities are bought and sold during a year.
"The Harbinger hedge funds appear to have a high portfolio turnover rate, rotating out of numerous holdings every six to twelve months.
This higher portfolio turnover rate increases costs such as brokerage commissions and custodian fees on the portfolio transactions, which, again, may lower the NAV.
Tax efficiency is essentially a function of a fund's portfolio turnover rate. "Turnover rate" is how often a fund sells (turns over) its portfolio.
Especially interesting is the time devoted to using information in the annual report and prospectus to determine the costs the fund incurs, including the portfolio turnover rate, all of which impact the returns to shareholders.
PORTFOLIO TURNOVER RATE - the rate at which the fund's securities are changed each year.
(b) Portfolio turnover rate is calculated by relating total new purchases and sales of stock to the average real capital of each fund in a year; the figures refer to the average annual rate over a three-year period (1987-89).
The participant disclosures must also include a Web address that provides the model's objectives or goals, principal strategies and risks, portfolio turnover rate, fee and expense information, and performance data-updated at least on a quarterly basis.