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The decrease on both risk bases compared with the previous quarter was chiefly due to developments in local assets held by branches of Portuguese banks, particularly in Angola, Mozambique and Poland.
It should be said that the Portuguese higher education institutions can be attended using only the English Language, although, of course, for daily life, the learning of Portuguese will be very much recommended.
The ceremony was attended by Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva, Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, Parliament Speaker Assuncao Esteves and other senior officials as well as dignitaries from all walks of life.
The Portuguese capital of India subsequently moved to Goa hundreds of miles up the coast from Cochin.
What are the ingredients that every Portuguese cook has in their kitchen?
Discussing Portuguese-Canadian descendants' identity politics in relation to the notions of being Portuguese, Canadian, Azorean and/or Quebecois.
Thematically, the volume contains fifteen articles from a variety of disciplines, which are divided into rive parts: The first section presents a historical and geographical introduction to Portuguese-Canadians and the Portuguese Diaspora; the second explores the history, iconography and impact of the White Fleet in Newfoundland; the third discusses specific social and political issues of Portuguese-Canadian immigrants; the fourth relates social geographical studies of three different Luso-Canadian communities; and a final section deals with cultural issues, with Portuguese-Canadian literature, and discusses the present and future of this group.
A section of the Catholic community, primarily the Church, seems very uncomfortable when reminded of its connection with Portuguese colonialism.
World Heritage of Portuguese Origin" is a platform for dialogue and a space for exchanging views and experiences among different institutions and managers of world heritage sites of Portuguese influence.
with varying degrees of completeness by the Portuguese crown or by others on behalf of the crown'.
By contrast, Moody's cautions that the debt and deposit ratings of Portuguese banks could come under downward pressure because these ratings take into account not only the banks' intrinsic creditworthiness but also their potential external sources of support, including support from the Portuguese government.
The Portuguese in the East: A Cultural History of a Maritime Trading Empire.