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SARPStowarzyszenie Architektow Polskich (Polish: Union of Polish Architects)
SARPPosadas (Argentina) International Airport
SARPSubstance Abuse Rehabilitation Program
SARPSoutheast Aquatic Resources Partnership (regional collaboration)
SARPSearch And Rescue Processor
SARPSafety Analysis Report for Packaging
SARPSecreted Apoptosis-Related Protein
SARPInternational Workshop on Software Architecture Research and Practice
SARPStandard and Recommended Practice (ICAO)
SARPSpouse Assault Replication Program
SARPSardine/Anchovy Recruitment Project (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission; UNESCO)
SARPStrong Axiom of Revealed Preferences (Samuelson economics)
SARPSmall Arms Repair Parts
SARPSouth African Railway Police
SARPSan Andreas Role-Play (gaming; Grand Theft Auto)
SARPSystems Analysis and Simulation for Rice Production
SARPSignal Automatic Radar Processing
SARPSlyfield Area Regeneration Project (England, UK)
SARPShip Alteration & Repair Package
SARPSPAWAR Analysis Review Panel
SARPShip Alteration Requirement Plan
SARPStanding against Religious Persecution (website)
SARPSpace Analysis Resource Portal
SARPSexual Assault Response Policy
SARPStorage and Retrieval Processor
SARPSearch and Rescue Paramedic
SARPSale and Repurchase Contract
SARPService Availability and Recovery Plan
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Third, and this is what I'm very glad about, Posadas and the band take pains to add more Steely Dan tracks to the Black Cows' regular repertoire.
Jose Guadalupe Posada es mucho mas que sus calaveras.
De la basta obra grafica de Posada --calculada entre 15 mil y 20 mil grabados--, sus recreaciones de la muerte son verdaderos poemas visuales de las mas diversas expresiones de la vida cotidiana de una sociedad pasmada por el Halley y la revolucion, que el grabador diseccionaba dia a dia con su gubia, para inmortalizarla en grabados alusivos al mundo paralelo de los muertos.
Posadas will leverage a combination of private cloud, hosting and other enterprise-class Savvis services.
Burstorm, which specializes in helping enterprises move to the cloud, provided an implementable cloud strategy in 118 days and continues to serve as a trusted adviser to Posadas.
In making the transaction, Posadas was able to unload a huge debt SourceMex, Aug.
13 May 2011 -- S&P on Thursday affirmed the B- global scale and the mxBB- Mexico national scale corporate credit ratings on Mexican hotel operator Posadas (MXK:POSADASA), ending a "negative" watch on the ratings.
Since Betty Jean Bartholomew joined the church and assumed the role of musical director, this south Eugene congregation has made it its habit to honor a tradition held dear by so many in the community - Las Posadas, the Latin American tale of Joseph and Mary seeking shelter in Bethlehem.
When I hosted Las Posadas, I thought of it as a wonderful tradition, but after Hurricane Katrina I saw it in a new light.
In fact it is two buildings, the palace itself and the new, contemporary Posadas wing.
Today, his son, Gaston Azcarraga Andrade, a second cousin to Televisa CEO Emilio Azcarraga Jean, directs the largest hotel chain in the country, Grupo Posadas.
The airline will be sold to the hotel chain Grupo Posadas SA and the sale is expected to close by 28 December, according to a filing from Cintra with the Mexican Stock Exchange.