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POSHOPost Occupational Safety and Health Officer
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HERD CATTLE"The grandfather later came and directed the young Okinyi to go and herd cattle while Kiriga was to be on duty at the posho mill.
Those earning more than that amount and even going up to Kshs 10,000 a month, with the exception of maize selling, are Jua Kali type enterprises including welding, carpentry, construction, posho mill, shoe making and repair, butchery, bicycle repair etc.
Mr Mengesa, a boda boda operator, recalled that a mob went to their land and threw our property before demolishing the house belonging to his mother, his house and their posho mill.
Global positioning system coordinates of each posho mill location were linked to remotely-sensed, spatially-explicit indicators of vegetation, precipitation, and soil properties.
In fact, it was the London-born posho Clare Balding having her "People's Princess" moment.
Don't be fooled by gang leader Weston Clendinning who behaves like a clownish posho in a hunting jacket.
It grunts and shakes and clatters like a true original gangsta diesel, and reminded me of my youth when the paterfamilias would show up in diesel company cars that sounded like a posho mill misfiring.
More ridiculous snobbery, as the unlovable I'm A Celebrity posho takes the money to fix the roof of her stately home.
Staple dishes like posho, irio, ugali, mboga, and matoke are composed without meat; meat and other essential proteins are very expensive and are very rarely eaten by the average Kenyan household (Stanford).
Best was winning the South West Under 13's Rugby cup final, defeating the posho local grammar school.
The Voice, although a bit prim and proper (and featuring too many posho girls with that horrible frizzy posh girl hair) is a nice show.