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Each time subjects moved outside the virtual tunnel, they received position feedback. Position feedback provided resistance on the shoulder and elbow joints, preventing movements, to make subjects aware that they deviated from the predefined path.
The unit can be installed and removed repeatedly without affecting performance, and offers wear-free speed and position feedback with a nearly unlimited service life.
PACKED with ten powerful thrusters and with the capacity to carry a seven-function position feedback manipulator and five-function rate manipulator, the new Saab Seaeye Panther XT Plus has quickly become a top seller with four systems sold for delivery this year.
One master module provides blade position feedback to the steering control system.
The non-contacting MTS 360 SMD rotary position sensor provides a breakthrough in sensor technology by combining a through-shaft design with 360[degrees] absolute position feedback in an ultra miniature size.
Renishaw's new AM4096 on-axis magnetic encoder provides 4,096 counts per revolution of absolute position feedback for high-speed digital motor and motion control applications.
The 9360 combines Duncan's existing 9900 sensor technology with the new Hall effect technology that the company said allows 360[degrees] of absolute position feedback and infinite rotation.
Features such as low power consumption, power failure protection, position feedback and adjustable set points make the Co-Pilot ideal for valve actuation applications on gas transmission and distribution pipelines, commercial utilities and power plants.
This heavy duty, high precision, geared potentiometer is designed to produce dancer roll position feedback signals.
The company has introduced a heavy duty, high precision, geared potentiometer designed to provide dancer roll position feedback signals.
Press control systems can be designed with a linear transducer that provides position feedback throughout the press stroke.
The compact BIL is 95 mm long which allows it to fit into tight places other linear position feedback devices cannot, and is robust and durable with no moving parts other than the magnet.
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