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PLIPractising Law Institute
PLIPublic Liability Insurance (UK)
PLIPartido Liberal Independiente (Spanish: Independent Liberal Party; Nicaragua)
PLIPartito Liberale Italiano (Italian: Italian Liberal Party)
PLIProfessional Liability Insurance
PLIPower Line Interference
PLIProgramming Language Interface (Verilog programming language)
PLIPeripheral Link Interface
PLIproduct liability insurance
PLIProfit Level Indicator
PLIPublic Local Inquiry (Scotland, UK)
PLIPosition Location Information
PLIPrêt Locatif Intermédiaire (French: Intermediate Rental Loans)
PLIPanasonic Lighting Indonesia
PLIPublic Lands Institute (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
PLIPower Level Indicator
PLIPrivate Line Interface
PLIPDU Length Indicator
PLIPounds/Linear Inch
PLIPhysicians Liability Insurance (Oklahoma)
PLIPerson of Limited Intelligence
PLIPancreatic Lipase Immunoassay (blood test)
PLIProgrammation Logique Inductive (French)
PLIProjekt Lokal Idrottsutveckling (Sweden)
PLIPharmacists for Life International
PLIPlan de Localisation Informatique
PLIAeroperu - Empresa de Transportes Aereos del Peru (ICAO code)
PLIPresentation Level Integration (visually integrate with an applications user interface)
PLIPruned Log Index
PLIPower-Link Innovations (software solutions to the broadcast industry)
PLIPlanar-Lumped Inductor
PLIPre-Load Indicator/Indicating
PLIPilot Lot Inspection
PLIPilot Location Indicator
PLIPunch List Item
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The Lower Tier systems aligned better with the mission set, providing dismounted networked voice capability along with BFT interoperable position location information and messaging.
Within the first month in Afghanistan our artillery battalion S6 shop replicated the JRTC gator, providing their advisors a network services gateway capable of insertion by a Chinook helicopter, and providing beyond line of sight position location information and messaging capabilities from collocated dismounted systems.
All of the Increment 2 systems have position location information. They actually show where those systems are on the battlefield.
Operators from the 2/1 AD praised the speed and accuracy of JCR updates of position location information, which are exponentially faster than the original FBCB2 due to the increased bandwidth delivered by the BFT-2 satellite transceiver used with JCR and JBC-P.
The Nett Warrior handhelds being fielded as part of CS 13 work with JCR and JBC-P to share position location information, text messages and other key information such as nearby terrain.
We now see that position location information extended to our dismounts on the ground," he said.
The radio also provides beaconing of Position Location Information used to enhance individual situational awareness.
It provides affordable intra-squad, protected, command and control voice communications in doctrinal voice networks with automatic transmission of position location information to leaders.
Each training session consisted of a concept of operations overview, radio characteristics, features, ancillaries, radio operations, pre and post combat operation checks and maintenance, position location information computer and display, and hands-on squad operation.
EPLRS also provides position location information of all network radio sets.
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