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Using survival as a surrogate marker for positive/negative classification, (25) we established an optimal AQUA score cut point using X-tile (22) for HER2 AQUA scores produced for instrument 1, operator 1, and staining run 1.
recognize the positive/negative areas and how they complement the design.
McCain's ratio has suffered even more, dropping from a 55% to 19% positive/negative split to the even split today.
A positive/negative pressure circulator can also stop line leaks.
These findings were contrary to those expected in that the positive/negative regard combination is less "pro-social" than the positive/neutral combination, especially for female communicators.
The work's manual erotica rhymed with the violent fingers in Bruce Nauman's neon Double Poke in the Eye II, 1985, just as Jasper Johns's target drawing called out to Andy Warhol's silk-screened gun, and as the positive/negative play of Stingel's panel echoed that of Ricci Albenda's sculptural pair (both 2002).
A lot of people have taken the anger--that positive/negative energy that was there and isn't anymore.
For this, her first multimedia piece, Way collaborated with composer Jay Cloidt, who excellently deconstructed and reassembled a Mozart string quartet (performed live by the Cypress String Quartet), and Jim Campbell, whose positive/negative projections conveyed a haunting sense of floating and drowning.
These features include positive/negative reversal, cover insertion, transparency insertion, copy auditing (up to 400 accounts), mirror imaging, brightness/intensity/contrast control and multi-page enlargement.
directions; instructions; lecturing; positive/negative evaluating; feedback; praise; encouragement; criticism; blame; irony)
Lexicon's collaborators receive the benefit of the key patented enabling technologies for the development of custom knockout mice which are owned by or licensed to Lexicon, including positive/negative selection, Cre/lox and isogenic DNA, as well as Lexicon's proprietary lambda KOS system.
The company's one-page bulletin features mold temperature control units, multi-zone hot water units, portable air and water cooled chillers, and positive/negative pressure hot oil and water temperature control systems.