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POS/ACKPositive Acknowledgement
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In case of a positive acknowledgement, the system notifies the contracting officer (KO) there is a pending PR awaiting action.
The accounting system records the obligation and responds with a positive acknowledgement or negative acknowledgement and an error code.
In case of positive acknowledgement, the system notifies the vendor of the award.
Yet this action of the Spirit has to be discerned, both through a positive acknowledgement of the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.
'This positive acknowledgement of the Filipino people furthermore motivates the administration to work for the restoration of the normalcy in Marawi and to start its rehabilitation as well as to bring a comfortable life to all Filipinos including Muslim Filipinos,' he said.
The song upon being sent to various media houses in Nigeria, received positive acknowledgements from the general public.
The goal is for teachers to achieve a ratio of 4:1 positive acknowledgements to corrections (Sugai, Horner & Todd, 2000).
Across the 50 classrooms, the number of positive acknowledgements directed at the ODB students during the 60-minute observation period was low, ranging from zero to 2.10 with a mean of 0.87.
Minton said Hoover continues to receive positive acknowledgements from the industry regarding its service.
Integration of two-way data and voice communications will permit transmission of voice pages to and from mobiles, along with positive acknowledgements.
This technique can be applied by implementing positive and negative acknowledgements between the accounting systems and the feeder systems with the proper logic at the feeder to continue the business event only for positive acknowledgements, and return the transaction back to the end user for negative ones.
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