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From the 15 individuals with possible presymptomatic DCM, 4 (26.7%) were from 4 families with a positive family history, 6 (40%) were identified from 3 families with an intermediate family history, 3 (20%) were identified in 2 families with a negative history and 2 (13.3%) were identified in 2 families with an unknown family history.
A significant difference was found between the two groups in terms of constipation (p=0.001).A positive family history was found in 29 (51.8%) of the patients and a significant difference was found between the two groups (p=0.001).
Two important factors that increase the risk of breast cancer in women with JP are the presence of proliferative breast disease and a positive family history. As patients with JP often have both of these risk factors, they are considered as high-risk-patients (2).
Positive family history, lack of inflammatory changes in cranial MRI and the presence of additional findings that are uncommon for MS like cardiomyopathy, diabetes, hearing loss and extrapyramidal signs should direct the physician to search for etiological causes of progressive ataxia syndromes other than MS (8)
It's worth bearing in mind, however, that just because a patient doesn't have a positive family history doesn't mean that a hereditary cancer syndrome can be ruled out.
The present study has shown that the increase in the response of the BP profile is more in participants with a positive family history of hypertension compared to participants with a negative family history of hypertension.
Among children subjects, those at a greater risk of leukaemia were those who had a positive trauma history (p<0.000), who were born 1st or 4th among their siblings (p<0.028), or had positive family history of leukaemia (p7hrs in front of the sun###16###14###4.57###1.36-5.23###0.002
Positive family history of breast cancer was significantly associated with higher odds of knowing BSE as a method for early detection of breast cancer (O.R: 2.6, CI: 1.7-4.2, p <0.05).
Out of 100 patients, 31% cases had positive family history of diabetes.
Also positive family history was not significantly different between the two groups (p>0.05).
Positive family history of POAG correlates positively with more severe clinical symptoms of POAG, which is defined as increased vertical C/D ratio.
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