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PPVPay Per View
PPVPositive Predictive Value (parameter of diagnostic examination in medicine)
PPVPoints Plus Value (Weight Watchers)
PPVPoly (Phenylene Vinylene)
PPVPositive Pressure Ventilation
PPVPars Plana Vitrectomy
PPVPlum Pox Virus
PPVPeak Particle Velocity (mining)
PPVPorcine Parvovirus
PPVPago por Ver (Spanish: Pay per View)
PPVPneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine
PPVPolice Pursuit Vehicle
PPVPulse Pressure Variation
PPVPublic-Private Venture
PPVPurchase Price Variance
PPVProportioning Valve
PPVPower Point Viewer
PPVPlanned Product Value
PPVPolice Package Vehicle
PPVPublic Passenger Vehicle (legal classification; various locations)
PPVPeak-to-Peak Voltage (electricity)
PPVPerturbation Projection Vector
PPVPick-Up Passenger Vehicle
PPVPneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
PPVPedal-Powered Vehicle
PPVPer Page View (web site services billing)
PPVPrivate Passenger Vehicle
PPVProduct Price Variance (economics)
PPVPages Per Visitor
PPVProfessionele Project Verhuizers (Dutch brand for professional usiness movers)
PPVPeople Powered Vehicle
PPVPre Production Verification
PPVPatent Procesus Vaginalis
PPVParent Path Vector
PPVProduct Platform Validation (software/hardware)
PPVPost Production Verification (software development)
PPVPower Price Vector
PPVPoint of Peak Velocity
PPVPrice Point Variance (financial management)
PPVProduct/Process Validation Vehicle (General Motors automotive)
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Once SARS activity has been documented anywhere in the world, the positive predictive value of even early clinical symptoms, while still low (21), is more acceptable if used in combination with an epidemiologic link to settings in which SARS has been documented.
In the case of C albicans infection, only the presence of budding yeast or pseudohyphae had a positive predictive value of 0.50 or greater.
Breast lesions detected on MR imaging: features and positive predictive value. AJR 2002;179(l):171-8.
Where the others have positive predictive values of between 12% and 14%, this model has a positive predictive value of 21%.
When we compare the gender, Sensitivity value in male patients is 98.48%, Specificity is 75%, Positive predictive value 98.48%, Negative predictive value 75%, Negative appendectomy rate 5% (Table VI, Fig.
The positive predictive value was poor for both, although somewhat more so for ph IGFBP-1 (0.22 and 0.54).
The researchers found that the tampon collection method was 66% sensitive, 62% specific, and had a positive predictive value of 60% and an overall test efficiency of 64%.
(1) estimated that a Bartonella IgG titer > 1,600 has a positive predictive value for endocarditis of 0.884.
Statistical analysis was done using chi-square test for sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value for Widal test and typhoid test with culture positivity for typhoid fever as the gold standard test.
Major Finding: In initial testing, a new "pregnancy viability index" exhibited a 94% positive predictive value and a 77% negative predictive value.
Because GBS colonization can be intermittent, culture results from 35-37 weeks' gestation have a positive predictive value of 67%-85% for GBS colonization at the time of labor.
"Where it is going to be of value--and why the academic electrophysiologists are waiting for more clinical data--is to see if it has more compelling positive predictive value in patients in the intermediate-risk group," Dr.
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