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POSSPolyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
POSSPoint of Sale Software (various organizations)
POSSPalomar Observatory Sky Survey
POSSPoint of Sale Subsystem
POSSPlant Operator Selection System
POSSProject of State Significance (Tasmania, Australia)
POSSPoint of Slope Selection
POSSPrecipitation Occurrence Sensor System
POSSPuckett Observatory Supernova Search
POSSPassive Optical Satellite Surveillance
POSSPalm Operating System Simulator
POSSPrototype Optical Surveillance System
POSSParallel Pair of Open-and Shorting-Stubs (microwave theory)
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The low degree of unsaturated olefin present on the particular f-HNBR chosen minimizes the effect of the HNBR to self-crosslink, and thus highlights the role of crosslinking achievable by the POSS additive.
Meanwhile, the hydrophobic POSS float on the subphase to avoid unfavorable interaction with water.
Poss said that unfortunately, CTGF is probably not sufficient on its own for people to regenerate their own spinal cords.
De acuerdo a Poss & Boschung (1996) este es el nombre correcto para la familia, pero otros autores la refieren erroneamente como Branchiostomidae (Gill, 1893; Kirkaldy, 1895; Bigelow & Farfante, 1948; Parker & Haswell, 1987; Cameron, 2009).
While the FAA is moving cautiously, those rules--particularly requiring line-of-sight operations--could severely hamper the commercial UAS industry, Poss said.
"When we built our first facility in 2009, we did not have liquid POSS available," said Joe Lichtenhan, president of Hybrid Plastics.
While the company is a pioneer, it has taken its time developing and market testing liquid POSS. A Hybrid technology team perfected the liquid form in 2011 and believed it a winner.
The sections were placed on a glass slide and stained with hematoxylin and eosin to determine the presence of cells within the tissue at 3 days following surgery in the presence or absence of POSS.
In the present research investigations, the most common forms of POSS compounds are cubic [R.sub.8][Si.sub.8] [O.sub.12], the so-called [T.sub.8] structures, consisting of cages with total number of silicon atoms (n) equal to 8.
Benefiting from NEDC's 1,000-plus sales outlets in China, Flytech targets selling 250,000 POSs in 2013 to achieve 60% year on year (YoY) growth in China.