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PIEDPorn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction
PIEDPossible Improvised Explosive Device (weapon)
PIEDPerformance and Image Enhancing Drug
PIEDProject Integrated Education of the Disabled
PIEDProjected Improved Explosive Device
PIEDPublic Information and Education Division (Missouri)
PIEDProgrammable Inline Encryption Device
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He added that security forces are combing the area to clear it of any possible improvised explosive device.
The official said the bag was very bulky, raising concerns from bystanders about a possible improvised explosive device. 'When we saw what was inside, our anxiety immediately [vanished],' Gundayao said, adding that the bag contained enough cooked rice to fill a rice cooker.
"Our field troops are still scouring the area for other possible Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) planted by the terrorists," the 10th PAO chief added.
'We needed to ensure that there will be no further clashes and that the areas are clear of possible improvised explosive devices,' De Paula told the Inquierer in a telephone interview on Monday.
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