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PHHPost Harvest Handling (agriculture)
PHHPhillips Head (screw)
PHHProvinciale Handelsschool Hasselt (school)
PHHPer Half Hour
PHHPasukan Anti Huru-Hara (Anti Riot Task Force)
PHHPast Health History
PHHPlanar Halogenated Hydrocarbon
PHHPurse Hating Husband
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Dr Javed Hammayun said that in the JWG meeting, both the countries would finalize the cooperation in the areas of remote sensing technology, pre and post harvest handling and storage of agriculture commodities.
Tenders are invited for Supply of scientific equipment seed dressing machine under nabard project for post harvest handling at icar rcer, research centre, plandu, ranchi
But this can be reversed with minimal government policy interventions, according to analysts.Experts say after India ndash the targeted market ndash banned imports to protect their farmers, the glut was artificially created by middlemen who took advantage of vulnerability of most Kenyan farmers in post harvest handling.
'Traceability shall be established for foods at relevant stages of production, post harvest handling, processing or distribution, when needed to ensure compliance with food-safety requirements,' it read.
Similarly, innovations for quality production, post harvest handling and processing will be introduced and investment portfolios will also be developed for public private partnerships to promote rural businesses.
Post harvest handling of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) Acta Hort.
Marketing of the produce (mean = 4.91), conduction of AESA (mean = 4.89), green manuring and organic matter application (mean = 4.81), charts preparation and presentation (mean = 4.75), post harvest handling (mean = 4.64), seed treatment (mean = 4.59), group team work (mean = 4.55), irrigation applications (mean = 4.53), control of weeds (mean = 4.50) were ranked 4th to 12th, respectively on the basis of respondents' participation in Farmer Field School activities.
Punjab government had imparted training to hundreds of labourers for harvest and post harvest handling of the exotic fruit.'
- Avoid drought stress before harvest and post harvest handling during the rains.
students; and is a principle investigator on a number of projects including Soil health improvement project funded by Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) in western Uganda; Promotion of Pro vitamin A orange sweet potato and iron rich beans project in south west Uganda, funded by HarvestPlus and USAID; and Improving post harvest handling of maize and beans project in Isingiro district, Uganda funded by the Earth Clinic at Columbia University.
While majority of the respondents negated the provision of advisory services with respect to agronomic practices, post harvest handling and marketing.
"Considering Computer Control," "Evaporation Power of Air," "Air Movement within Compost" and many other titles clued us that the columns would describe how industrial engineering principles could be applied from composting through harvest into post harvest handling. In essence, he told us that engineering could and should be applied throughout our operations.
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